Prevent Discomfort with a Pressure Relief Cushion

To prevent your back, hips, shoulders, and other areas from developing pain, use a pressure relief cushion. Options on eBay are portable, allowing you to use these cushions wherever you may be required to stay in one position for long hours.

Can pressure relief cushions be used with mobility devices?

Yes. A pressure relief cushion from eBay can be used with various types of mobility devices, and will make each person's position more stable while they travel. It can also help to prevent a user from slipping, and increase their safety.

Do all pressure relief cushions prevent bed sores from developing?

Yes. A pressure relief cushion is designed to spread the force exerted on any area of the body in different directions. Several can be used when a person is required to stay in bed for most of the day, and these help to prevent bed sores.

Can pressure relief cushions be stained by bodily fluids?

No. A pressure relief cushion is designed using material that is resistant to water, so it will not absorb any type of bodily fluid. If some sort of fluid gets on the cushion, it can be easily wiped off.

Will a pressure relief cushion collapse under the weight of a heavy person?

No. Pressure relief cushions are designed to take the weight of heavy individuals, and are regularly used with bariatric patients. They usually contain materials that hold their shape well when subjected to tremendous force. Pressure relief cushions on eBay are made with fabric that does not shift out of position, because it generates a lot of friction between surfaces. Cushions have a bottom that does not slip, even while you are driving for long hours. This base is made of material that provides a secure grip on office chairs, carpets, and other flat surfaces. The vendor's description on eBay will tell you the maximum capacity of each cushion, so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Will a pressure relief cushion help after pregnancy?

Yes. Many women use pressure relief cushions during and after pregnancy, to evenly spread their weight. This alleviates the pain they may experience in areas such as their hips, without the use of medication. Some women may prefer cushions that only contain foam and an air layer, since those that also contain gel can sometimes trap heat. Cushions offer these benefits after you have given birth:

  • Support your posture.
  • Prevent pain after surgery.
  • Can make breastfeeding more comfortable.