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Preston Fishing Floats and Bobbers

Established by David Preston in 1984, Preston Innovations is a fishing tackle brand that started in the UK and is now popular with anglers throughout Europe. From poles, rods and reels, to Preston fishing floats and bobbers; everything is rigorously tested by competitive anglers for quality.

Fishing floats and bobbers

There are several types of fishing floats on the market: pole floats are popular for carp fishing, waggler floats are great for coarse fishing and stick floats are used in rivers and running water.

Preston pole fishing floats and bobbers

Pole fishing technology has improved dramatically over recent years and the large, heavy poles that were once commonplace have been replaced with lightweight carbon fibre models that are longer, stronger and easier to use than their predecessors.

Preston pole fishing floats come in a vast array of different colours, shapes and sizes. Different body shapes, stems and bristles are used for different types of pole fishing: short bodied fishing floats are ideal for shallow water, a wire fishing float stem is great for windy conditions and cane bristles are really tough, so they're perfect for using with heavier baits.

Preston waggler fishing floats and bobbers

Wagglers are a traditional type of fishing float used by British anglers, particularly for still water fishing. Cast on a rod and line (as opposed to a pole), wagglers come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes. Whether straight or bodied, Preston waggler fishing floats and bobbers are incredibly durable so tend to last a long time.

Preston stick floats and bobbers

Stick fishing floats are used in rivers or flowing waters. Used in a downstream direction, Preston stick floats are easy to adjust on the line and easy to see in the water. Anglers fishing at a deeper level will usually choose a heavier float than those fishing in shallower waters. Thankfully there are several different weights available, so there's something to suit every angler.