Prinknash Pottery

Prinkash Pottery

Prinkash pottery comes from Prinkash Abbey in the Vale of Gloucester where it was made by the Benedictine monks themselves until the pottery was sold in the early 1990s. It is known for its retro style, especially in the lusterware collection.

The Prinkash Pottery collection covers a wide range of items with jugs, mugs/tankards and vases the most prevalent pieces. You can also find bowls, plates, sugar bowls and even a Prinkash ashtray.

Identifying Prinkash Pieces

Genuine Prinkash pottery pieces can be identified by the makers mark stamped on the base. This is a round badge containing the crest of Prinkash Abbey, topped by a bishops mitre.

Prinkash Lusterware

Perhaps the most famous range is Prinkash lusterware. This is made from dark clay and finished with a metallic glaze, such as pewter. This gives the impression that the pieces are made of metal. This style is popular for items such as jugs, tea and coffee sets, mugs and tankards.

Striped Prinkash Pottery

In contrast to the strong styling of the lusterware, another signature Prinkash pottery style is based around broad stripes. These stripes are usually around a finger width wide and rounded at the top, giving the pieces a rustic, home-made look.

Floral Prinkash Pottery

While the lusterware and striped styles both have a country craft feel, Prinkash Pottery also make more formal pieces with floral designs, such as the Staffordshire potteries. These include pieces such as the Floribunda collection which features floral scenes, often with butterflies.

Prinkash Mugs

Prinkash mugs are highly collectable with special editions released for Christmas and other occasions like royal weddings.

Prinkash Plates

Prinkash decorative plates are also popular with collectors and they often contain hand-painted scenes of rural life. While these may not have the skilled artistry of some decorative plates, the scenes they depict have a charm of their own.