• 8 ohm 100w dummy load resistor aluminium clad 8R J 8RJ attenuator resistive amp

    I used one recovered from a scrap PA amp, but just attaching them to a metal chassis seems sort of standard. I like fins and stuff on my heatsinks though. Two in the pic for angles but for sale one at a time.
    £1.50 postage
  • New listingbehringer powerplay pro xl headphone amp. 4 channel

    Vgc home use only
    Click & Collect
    Free postage
    Brand: Behringer
    or Best Offer
  • 18W Valve Output Transformer 8K to 4,8,16ohm RS Repro

    18Watt Push Pull Output Transformer. Same winding pattern and conductor size as original RS/Marshall 18W amplifier Output Transformers of the 60's. 8K Primary and 4, 8 and 16 ohm secondaries. Ideal for 2 X EL84 e.g. Vox AC15 or Marshall 18W.
    £3.50 postage
    19 watching
  • 4 Rubber Feet for Guitar Amp. 25 x 15 mm. F1692.

    4 rubber feet for guitar amp, cabinet etc.
    £1.75 postage
  • 36 lug terminal tag strip board pcb blank DIY amplifier amp mod turret dual

    Two in pic to show both sides but quantity is one at a time, multiple available. Full of useful potential, modification to existing amps or straight up builds can use these. 120mm x 38mm.
    £1.50 postage
  • New listingMAJ Electronic job lot #22 Rotary control knobs button MAJ/HH/Laney other x 900g

    HH, Laney, Tama, and Ibanez spare parts. for over 30 years. Sorry make that 40 years. Any knob we don't have an immediate use for goes in to that box. MAJ Electronic. This lot also includes a few assorted push buttons and slider knobs.
  • Vox Pathfinder 10 Guitar Combo amp 10 watt practically new !!!!

    This amp has hardly been used. It is great for beginner guitarists or just for practise at home.
    Brand: Vox
    Free postage
    or Best Offer
  • Benson 15w electric overdrive guitar, bass & Electronic drum amplifier practise

    play along via your mp3 or phone ect. portable kit!
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    247 sold

    Hi Marshall 100 watt guitar head Good for project restoration Tested working has built in effects Collection only as is
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Marshall
  • CHOICE SKYTEC SPL Series Pro Amplifier DJ Disco PA MP3 Bluetooth Amp 300W-2000W

    £62.00 to £159.00
    Top Rated Plus
    MSRP Previous price£119.99
    Brand: Skytec
  • 18W / 20W Valve Mains Transformer 290V CT 120mA, 6.3V 2.5A +1A Laydown

    290V CT 290V @ 120mA. 18Watt Push Pull Power Transformer. 6.3V @ 1A. 6.3V CT @ 2.5A. Purpose designed for Marshall 18W type amps, Vox AC15 and similar. Ideal for 2 X EL84 e.g. Vox AC15 or Marshall 18W.
    £4.00 postage
    5 watching
  • bluguitar Amp1

    Sounds great routed through my bose system.
    Click & Collect
    £8.75 postage
  • YAMAHA P7000S Power Amplifier 3200W

    Fully working without issue and was recently fully serviced. These are the best power amps on the market at the moment IMHO. (I have seen many amps over the years!).
    Brand: Yamaha
    £9.00 postage
    15 watching
  • carlsbro colt bass amp (Spares)

    Carlsbro colt bass amp spares or repair Sometimes works sometimes not , this sale is for the amp unit chassis but no cab will be an ideal project to play with
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    £6.98 postage
  • Crest Audio 8001 Professional Power Amplifier

    2 ohm stereo - 1400w.
    8 bidsEnding 24 Oct at 2:08AM BST3d 13hCollection in personBrand: Crest Audio
  • Heavy Duty Leather Case Handle, Briefcase, Flightcase,

    When it comes to fitting a decent leather handle for your amplifier or case then you will not go wrong with this one. Made from solid leather with nickel fittings. Our knowledge of Flightcase construction is extensive as we used to manufacture them for 16yrs and we have also been hiring out large sound systems for the past 30yrs so I think we have gained a good bit of knowledge about what works in a sound system as well as what does`nt.
    £2.95 postage
    930 sold
  • Medeli AP30C Drum Monitor Amplifier

    Purchased with electronic drum kit but now surplus to requirements
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
  • M Audio Bass Traveler Portable Headphone Amplifier

    It is ideal for use with virtually all headphones from 16-100 ohms. The sound quality from the typical headphone jack on a portable device or coming from the standard-issue soundcard found in virtually every computer leaves a lot to be desired.
    Click & Collect
    Brand: M-Audio
    Only 1 left!
  • Roland Kc350 Keyboard Amplifier

    Excellent condition. This is a superb amp which I have owned for 2 years. Everything you will need from this quality provider. Miles more power than I have ever needed hence the sale. I travel to Cardiff a lot so can possibly deliver to the west side of England or wales for a small fee. No problems with this amp at all. It is in great condition. Any questions please ask. Happy bidding!
    27 bidsEnding Sunday at 9:22PM BST2d 9hCollection in personBrand: Roland
  • New listingBluGuitar Amp1 100 watt Guitar Amp Head

    Amp is in excellent condition and never gigged. Has velcro on the bottom but thats it. Sounds amazing but selling due to purchase of another amp which is a better fit for my current needs. Although never gigged I took it to rehearsal and tested back to back against a 100 watt all valve head. The all valve was louder but not by much - this thing is ridiculously loud for it's size and is well capable of gigging with a decent cab. Absolutely tons of bass as well although it can be well tamed. Amazing bit of kit!!
    £4.99 postage
  • New listingZoom Fire 30

    Solid state 30 watt amplifier with an extensive range of onboard effects and presets. Perfect for those looking to experiment with effects without overspending on individual effects units. Willing to negotiate alternate location for collection within reason. Please inquire before purchasing.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Zoom
  • Fender: Deluxe 112 Plus- Good Condition

    Fender: Deluxe 112 Plus- Good Condition. Condition is Used. Collection in person only.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Fender
  • Roland AC-33 Acoustic Guitar amp

    Used, in full working order with some cosmetic wear and a missing battery cover (see photo) the batteries never come out and there is no effect to the functioning of the machine. Also has no power lead, which can be picked up for £20.
    Click & Collect
    £25.00 postage
    Brand: Roland
    or Best Offer
  • Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1936 2x12 Cab

    For sale is a Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1936 2x12 Cab. Cab still sounds great, and is in full working order.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Marshall
  • Vox 10 Watt Pathfinder Combo Amp

    Vox combo amplifies, pathfinder 10. Good working order. Ideal for bedroom style practice perhaps for a beginner guitar player. UK PAYPAL ONLY
    1 bid
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Today at 4:33PM BST4h 12mBrand: Vox
  • Rocktron Velocity 300 150w Rack Guitar Power Amp

    As this control is turned up, the Velocity 300 will begin to simulate the interaction that takes place between the tube amplifier and the guitar speaker cabinet. The Rocktron Velocity 300 Rack Power Amp was designed in a joint effort between Rocktron and integrated circuitry design engineer Derek Bowers.
    4 bids
    £16.00 postage
    Ending 23 Oct at 7:48PM BST3d 7hBrand: Rocktron
  • Behringer iNUKE NU1000DSP Power Amplifier

    Behringer NU1000DSP in very good condition and full working order. Home use only, clean not abused.
    Brand: Behringer
    £5.65 postage
    or Best Offer
  • 25mm black grub screw amplifier control knob multiple solid aluminium ali heavy

    25mm machined aluminium knob, quality feeling item, some weight to them, solid. Knurled sides for grip. 6mm hole. Two in the pics to show other angles. Quantity depends on how many you order.
    £1.50 postage
  • Peavey PV-8.5C Power amplifier

    Trusted reliable amp never let me down 550watts per side Check out my other items
    2 bids
    £12.95 postage
    Ending 27 Oct at 4:02PM BST7d 3hBrand: Peavey
  • 1970's WEM Clubman - Valve (Tube) Guitar Combo

    A beautiful Wem Clubman 5 watt valve guitar combo from 1975! The overall condition is very good - Speaker grille cloth tidy, metal Wem logo present and only slightly dented. Weighing only 12kg. A surprisingly loud and sweet sound from such a tiny box.
    3 bids
    £20.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 10:04PM BST2d 9h
  • Line 6 Amplifi 30 Amplifier great sounding ideal home or practice.

    Access and play with a virtually unlimited selection of free guitar tones in the cloud. Control every aspect of your sound and match tones from your music library with the intuitive AMPLIFi Remote app for iOS and Android.
    32 bids
    £12.50 postage
    Ending Saturday at 9:59AM BST21h 38mBrand: Line 6
  • Markbass MINI CMD 121P Bass Combo

    MARKBASS Mini CMD 121P COMBO II BASS 500 WATT AMPLIFIER. The Markbass Mini CMD 121P is the only pro-quality, powerful lightweight bass amp of 500 Watts currently on the market, and is therefore in high demand from professional and semi-pro players.
    1 bidEnding Saturday at 1:07PM BST1dCollection in person
  • Blackstar Fly103 Extension Cabinet

    The FLY 103 is the official extension speaker for the FLY 3 compact mini amp. The FLY 103 comes with its own built-in cable to connect it to the FLY 3, making it a true stereo set-up. When connected to the FLY 3 is makes a set of portable speakers to play your music through or it can be used as a set of pc speakers or computer speakers.
    Brand: Blackstar
    Free postage
    9 watching
  • Crest Audio 6001 Professional Power Amplifier 2-Channel Stereo

    Crest 6001 amplifier in good working condition - Just had a service.
    9 bids
    £25.00 postage
    Ending Saturday at 8:00PM BST1d 7hBrand: Crest Audio
  • MC2 T2000 Amplifier , Bose B2000

    This B2000 amplifier made MC2 audio is in full working order It is fitted with Bose 802 pip cards which are included in sale
    3 bidsEnding 23 Oct at 3:39PM BST3d 3hCollection in personBrand: Bose
  • Blackstar HT Studio 20 Watt Valve Guitar Amplifier Head

    20 Watt valve head. 1-way footswitch included. Effects loop. Speaker emulated output. Digital reverb. Master volume.
    2 bids
    £25.00 postage
    Ending 25 Oct at 6:35PM BST5d 6h
  • Crest Audio 10004 Power amplifier

    Crest 10004 power amplifier. Rack mounted at home it's in excellent conditon I doubt there's another one like it. Legendary over engineered Crest power supplies produce conservatively under rated specs. Please see attached data sheet for further details. I can arrange a courier of a half pallet for around £90 to UK mainland, or your welcome to arrange one yourself.
    10 bids
    Free postage
    Ending Sunday at 8:51PM BST2d 8hBrand: Crest Audio
  • New listingCrest Audio 8001 PA Amplifier

    Crest 8001 amplifier. Under rated1200w RMS @4ohm per channel. In good working condition, happy to demo if you collect it. UK insured courier with UPS would cost around £41 or I'm happy for the winning bidder to arrange one yourself.
    0 bids
    Free postage
    Ending 26 Oct at 8:40PM BST6d 8hBrand: Crest Audio
  • Alesis RA500 Power Amplifier

    Here we have a Alesis RA500 power amplifier works great with any passive monitors. Really good power amps for the cost. Known for being great with NS10s! Comes in used condition, starting this at 99p so grab a bargain! Thanks and happy bidding!!
    2 bids
    £20.00 postage
    Ending 24 Oct at 3:43PM BST4d 3hBrand: Alesis
  • Gold Marshall Knob with grub screw. For smooth shaft pot, JMP etc

    Gold Marshall knob with grub screw. This knob is used with smooth shaft pots, eg on the 70s JMP amp, or with modern Alpha pots.
    Brand: Marshall
    £1.75 postage
  • New listingAlnicomagnet "Dual Rectifier" Mod Kit Blackheart BH15 Handsome Devil

    The beauty of a valve rectifier is the absence of any harsh "switching noise" which can sometimes plague solid state rectifiers. Also, valve rectifiers have an inherent "soft start" which is much kinder on the output and preamp valves, especially if you have not fitted a standby switch.
    Click & Collect
  • HH electronic V.S. MUSICIAN COMBO 212 100 WATTS Amplifier

    Very heavy but easy to move has wheels.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
  • Fishman Loudbox Performer

    Top of the range performer model. Grab a bargain. 750 new. Will help deliver 30 miles from peterborough.
    11 bidsEnding 24 Oct at 7:35PM BST4d 7hCollection in person
  • Peavey KB- 300

    In great working order and cond
    1 bidEnding Today at 1:19PM BST58m 44sCollection in personBrand: Peavey
  • Pulse PMH200 4 Channel PA Pulse PMH200 Power Mixer Amplifier Amp | DJ | Disco

    The PMH200 from Pulse is a 4 channel 2x 100W mixer amplifier, designed for sound reinforcement of vocals or music. When coupled with a pair of speakers, the PMH200 will be ideal for rehearsal rooms, small to medium band gigs, small school halls or presentations. 4 Channel mixer amplifier Power output: 2x 75W RMS (2x 100W peak) CD/Tape input located on rear panel Master volume & effects controls Effects loop - enables use of external processing 2 Band EQ on each input channel 3 Band EQ on main output 4x Balanced XLR microphone inputs 4x 6.35mm (¼") Jack line level inputs 2x Locking speaker output sockets Record output Convection cooled (no fan noise) Rugged, carpet covered housing complete with steel corner guards Rubber covered carry handle.
    Click & Collect
    Brand: Pulse
  • Vox Pathfinder 10 Guitar Amplifier Amp 15w

    Great practice Amp. I auditioned several amps before choosing this one. Has that vox sound. Never gigged. Too small really.
    0 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending 26 Oct at 9:44AM BST5d 21hClick & CollectBrand: Vox
  • HH Amplifier & Speakers P A System

    The amp is a HH MA100 PA / Mixer Amp with Reverb & Presence, 5 channels, speakers are HH Pro 150s. I think the amp is 100Watt and the speakers are 150Watt. This is a well used PA system that is in working order.
    14 bidsEnding Saturday at 7:20PM BST1d 6hCollection in person
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Got one to sell?

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Pro Audio Amplifiers

An amplifier receives an audio signal from an instrument, mixer or signal processor and increases it to a power that can be converted into sound via speakers.

Types of Pro Audio amplifier

  • Instrument amplifier - such as a guitar or bass guitar amplifier. 
  • Mixer amplifier - an audio mixer that is ‘powered’ meaning that it contains a built in amplifier
  • Power amplifier - boosts low powered electronic audio signals to a level that they can drive a speaker to create sound

Operating classes of audio amplifiers

  • Class A  -have the lowest levels of distortion and the best sound, but use a lot of energy and generate heat up whilst in use. 
  • Class B - are more power efficient that Class A, but do create some distortion. 
  • Class AB - use two signals to provide efficiency of a Class B and the sound quality of a Class A.
  • Class D - are digital have a very high level of efficiency, generate far less heat than a Class A and can be manufactured to be very small, allowing them to be integrated into active speakers, headphones and more.

Technology types

  • Solid state - use software or transistors, and are often cheaper, lighter options that require the least maintenance. 
  • Tube / vacuum tube / valve - the preference of performers who crave the ‘analogue’ sound consisting of richer tones and a warmer sound, these amps are heavier, more expensive and require maintenance when valves wear out.
  • Hybrid - uses a solid state power amp alongside a valve preamp. It gives the warmer sound whilst keeping the amp cheaper and lighter than a  valve amplifier. 

Matching speakers to amplifiers

If an amplifier does not compliment speakers it is used with, either sound quality will degrade or the speakers may become damaged.

  • Power ratings - an amplifier should deliver twice the amount of power as the power rating on a speaker, per speaker. If an amp is going to be used with two speakers then the power delivery needs to be per channel.
  • Impedance - stated in ohms, the impedance on the amp should match that of the speakers. This is an important value in determining you do not blow your speaker and will depend on your system setup. Research impedance further if you are unsure. 
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