Pro Audio Stands & Supports

Whether recording your own musicor playing it live, you will have a requirement for some stands and supports to hold such things as microphonesand monitor speakers.

There are many different types available, each with its own particular functionality and means of using it correctly.

Types of pro audio stands and supports

  • Microphone straight stand – A stand, usually made of metal, that holds a microphone. The stand is straight so it simply stands upright in front of the singer or musician. It will usually be height adjustable
  • Microphone boom stand – A boom is a metal arm that attaches to the upright stand. This boom arm allows for more precise positioning of the microphone as you place it on the end of the boom. This enables you to set up microphones very close to the singer or instrumentthat is being recorded or broadcast. The boom requires this type of stand for affixing it correctly
  • Microphone boom arm – For use with the microphone boom stand, this is the actual metal boom arm on which the microphone is attached, enabling precise positioning of the microphone near to the singer or instrument
  • Speaker stand – A stand for holding the speakers. These can either be pointing towards an audience, or they can hold the monitor speakers so the singers and musicians can hear what they are playing
  • Microphone stand base – In order for your microphone stand to remain upright, you’ll need a base for it to stand on. These can be flat pieces of metal that your microphone stand fits into, or they can be more complicated adjustable mechanisms like the base of a tripod
  • Speaker stand base – Similar to the microphone stand base, your speaker stands will need something to help them remain upright

Benefits of Pro Audio Stands and Supports

  • Style – Most of the stands and supports designed for pro audio use are designed to fit in with people’s image of a professional piece of equipment
  • Stability – The stands and supports help keep your microphones and speakers steady
  • Quality – Recording or broadcasting music relies on quality equipment for the best possible sound to be made. Using a pro audio stand or support helps achieve this level of quality.