Create Your Dream Pub Table Room Using Restaurant Pub Pieces

If you're looking for the perfect pub table as well as accessories that will transform your room into a bustling gathering place, you'll be interested to learn that you can find new and used pub tables and much more on eBay. Show your mates a smashing time while they admire how authentic your place looks.

Unique pub tables fit your living space and lifestyle

Whether you want a large bar for a big game room or a small table for a corner set aside for pub activities, you’ll find the used, reasonably priced pub table that’s just your size for sale on eBay. Here are just a handful of the types and styles of one-of-a-kind pub tables for every use:

  • Corner pub tables – Consider using one as a kitchen dining corner seating bench with storage. Storage is tough to come by, so why not purchase a table where it’s already built-in.
  • Square, adjustable height metal tables – Pair these contemporary tables with similar styles.
  • Solid wood wine bar tables, pub, and café tables – These mix and match quite nicely.
  • Folding corner pub tables – These make good card tables and game spots.
Choosing your new or used pub table

Pub tables, also known as bar tables, traditionally were about 1 metre and 6.68 centimetres high. If you want to replicate a pub experience, a high table is one way to go.

If your available space doesn’t allow for a high bar, many additional options offer you a choice. Fixed seating in a U-shape around a smaller table puts people at easy heights for good conversations. You can purchase a pub table that stands out as a conversation piece with noticeable features. Or, you may prefer a pub table that acts as an unobtrusive utility piece in the background.

How do you find pub-style chairs for your pub table?

These seating products add style and comfort to your pub table. Before choosing chairs, ensure you know the dimensions of your table so the chairs won't be too short or too tall:

  • High-backed barstools – Use these with a high bar counter for optimal comfort.
  • Wooden cross-back chairs – You may go with one or more pub tables that require sturdy, durable seats that stack together when the party’s over.
  • Wall-mounted fold-down bench – This space-saver folds up when not in use.
  • Padded, plush armless chairs – Use these for an upscale men’s club feel.
  • Long, wooden benches – These are plain benches that pubs serving food often preferred.