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Pull Up Bars

Pull up bars are a fantastic source of exercise, where you use body weight to work out key areas of your body.

What Type of Pull Up Bars are The Best?

The type of room where your pull up bars will be will help to determine which pull up bars will work best for you, as they need to be easy to reach and in a convenient position. The size of your wall and your doorframe and the height of your ceiling will help you decide whether to choose a wall mounted pull up bar, a ceiling mounted pull up bar or a doorway pull up bar.

Mounting any pull-up bar that doesnt fit correctly can cause injury or damage. Bear in mind the weight capacity for your pull up bar, ensuring the grips are comfortable and they are set at the right angle.

Doorway pull up bars are the easiest to mount and they are probably the most portable, being easy to take down and store elsewhere when necessary. If you are in doubt about the strength of your wall or ceiling, the doorway pull up bar is the safest option to choose.

A wall pull up bar can be installed on a solid internal or external wall and is very sturdy and durable. You can choose the height it is set at and it allows you a great range of motion and can come with slated and straight grips, depending on your preference. This type of pull up bar provides good stability and safety. A ceiling mounted pull up bar gives the most freedom when working out, allowing you to use your legs much more for complex moves.

Freestanding pull up bars may be more expensive, but give you the option of doing extra exercises and therefore a more comprehensive all over body work out. You will need space to store one of these and are not as easy to dismantle then other types of pull up bars.

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