Enjoy Crystal-Clear Radio with a Pure Evoke DAB Radio

A Pure Evoke DAB Radio provides connection to quality digital radio transmitted from throughout the UK in your home. Many models also allow you to play other forms of music, either through a built-in CD player or by connecting a device via Bluetooth. Whatever you require for your audio entertainment, you are sure to find a Pure Evoke DAB radio to meet your needs and budget on eBay.

Are there any features to look out for?

The Pure Evoke range of DAB radios come with a wide variety of features. Some options that you might wish to look out for include:

  • Internet radio - This allows you to listen in to over 25,000 stations from around the world.
  • Spotify Connect - Allows you access you Spotify playlists directly through your radio.
  • Colour Display - Makes it easy to control your radio.
  • CD player - Allows you to play your favourite CDs as well as radio.
  • Kitchen Timer - Ideal for helping you out in the kitchen.
Are Pure Evoke DAB Radios portable?

Pure Evoke DAB Radios are designed to be compact in size. Many models also come with a rechargeable battery, ensuring you won't need a power source if you choose to take it with you on your travels. The battery life for these models is around 30 hours, though you should check the manufacturer's information for each specific model.

Can you play music from other devices through a Pure DAB Radio?

Yes, many Pure DAB radios have Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to connect your phone or another device wirelessly and enjoy any music you have stored on that. Alternatively, most models have an Aux-in port so that you can connect devices with an auxiliary cable.

What transmission options are available?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. Put simply, it is a new way of transmitting radio through digital means rather than through analogue. This allows for better sound quality, a greater choice of radio stations, and also energy efficiency. Some Evoke models will offer DAB + transmission, which is an upgraded version of DAB. There are a few radio stations transmitting in DAB +, so it might be worth looking out for this feature if you have the budget.

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