Set a Colorful Table with Antique and Vintage Quimper Art Pottery

Ever since the 17th century, people have been setting their tables using colorful Quimper faience art pottery made in the city of Quimper in Brittany, northwestern France. Workers prepare these carefully hand-painted plates, bowls, and other items with a unique glaze. You can set your beautiful table, hang Quimper art pieces on your walls, or give them as gifts when you shop for Quimper pottery on eBay.

Who were some manufacturers of Quimper pottery?

Starting in 1685, workers in several small pottery houses in the Locmaria quarter of Quimper, France made Quimper pottery. There were three dominant pottery studios that you may choose to look for when collecting Quimper pottery on eBay. The only manufacturer left in the region making Quimper pottery is Henriot. This factory has been creating pieces since 1789. Another well-known maker of Quimper pottery is Grande Maison de la Hubaudière, also known as the HB factory, as they changed their name many times from 1883 until they ceased operation in 1983. You may see many of their pieces marked with the connected letters H and B. Another major Quimper pottery house was that of Paul Fouillen, who made pieces between 1930 and 1958. His factory continued producing pottery until 1980.

Types of Quimper pottery for sale

You can find many different pieces of Quimper pottery for sale, including:

  • Plates - Dinner plates, wall plates, and clock plates may all be available. While many depict Breton characters, others show flowers.
  • Teapots - Quimper pottery teapots are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and themes, either alone or as part of a set with cups, saucers, and/or a creamer.
  • Tureens with lids and under plates - These may be solid dark green or red, white with pink trim, or depict flowers or Breton people on backgrounds of various colors.
  • Pitchers - These vary in size from small creamers to large jugs. They may be adorned with floral patterns or Breton women or dancing couples.
  • Vases - Artists have painted many designs on vases. While Breton couples are a common theme, you may be able to find birds and flowers, too.
  • Animal statues - When looking at Quimper on eBay, you may see a variety of animal statues, including hens, pigs, and rabbits. You may also see eggs featuring flowers or Breton women or men.
  • Lamps - Candlestick lamps with Breton couples and flowers on them are common, but you can often find other designs on Quimper pottery.
  • Egg cups - Round circular egg cups on little stands or cups made in the shape of a bird may be available.
What materials and techniques go into making faience pottery?

Faience is finely crafted earthenware that employs an opaque tin glaze to make it look like Chinese porcelain. You can find clay or porcelain Quimper faience on eBay.

How can you recognize the Breton couples on Quimper pottery?

The most common French Quimper pottery pattern is Breton couples. Women are traditionally dressed in a blue and white striped shirt with a green top. The woman's hair is pulled back, and she wears a white hair covering. She has on black shoes. The Breton man also has on black shoes. He is dressed in yellow socks, blue knickers, and a green shirt. His shoulder-length hair is tucked behind a black hat with a feather.