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Rain Camera Covers

Cameras are intricate and delicate pieces of equipment, often comprised of dozens of the latest bits of technology. This makes them very expensive, even when it comes to lesser models. As any good photographer or videographer lets inclement weather disrupt a photo shoot, equipment like this is worth protecting from the elements while in use. Rain camera covers do exactly that, they protect your fragile and expensive equipment from the elements.

Remember, it's not just rain that mother nature throws at you but also things like sand, soil, salt, dust, snow, sea spray or even pollen. Protection needs to be all round and for that there are a range of camera rain covers and waterproof accessories available.

Cost and use

How often you use your camera will dictate the level of protection it requires. For a one off shoot at a wedding, you could easily get away with a cheap, disposable rain cover that can be used and discarded straight afterwards. It's a quick, inexpensive solution to a one off problem.

For more frequent use, there are more high tech options including camera covers that are for professional or corporate use. These are ideal for providing added protection to your camera, preventing it from receiving damage from the elements.

Covering lenses

It is important to know when buying a rain cover that not all covers will fit all camera lenses . In the likely event you have numerous lenses, you will probably need a number of different sized rain covers to accommodate them and protect your investment.

Some rain covers only cover the camera, but others include hand covers to keep your hands warm and dry during prolonged use outdoors in the snow or rain. Both transparent and opaque varieties exist, which will depend on the kind of look you are going for.

There are even backpacks and bags that double up as rain covers, though these are more expensive than disposable ones. That said, they do serve an additional purpose which is attractive to many people.

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