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Get in Shape by Riding a Raleigh Bike

Since 1885, people have been relying on Raleigh bikes to stay in shape, let them get where they want to go, and make memories. With so many different styles of new and second-hand Raleigh bikes for sale on eBay, you can easily find the one that is right for your riding style.

Types of vintage Raleigh bikes

You will discover a wide variety of vintage Raleigh bikes on eBay, including:

  • Urban - These Raleigh bikes, like the Raleigh Prim, are for short-distance commuting, and they often have features designed to help you stay clean while riding.
  • Road - These Raleigh bikes, like the Raleigh-Carlton Kermesse Classic, are for longer distances.
  • Mountain - These lightweight bikes have a sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tyres, and multiple gears, like found on the Raleigh Moonshine.
  • Cruiser - If a quiet ride along the beach is your preferred riding style, then a cruiser bike, like the Raleigh Supreme, may be the right option.
  • Hybrid - If you do a lot of different types of riding, then a vintage Raleigh hybrid bike, like the Raleigh Horizon, maybe the right one for you.
Dating a Raleigh bike

When you are looking at restoring a vintage Raleigh bike, then it can be essential to know what year the company produced the bike so that you can make sure to get the right parts. The company stamped most bikes with a serial number. Between 1888 and 1925, the serial numbers ran in numerical order. Starting in 1926 through the World War II bike-building stoppage, most bikes' serial numbers began with a letter. If the bike was built in 1926, then the serial number started with an A, in 1927, the serial number started with a B, in 1928, the serial numbers began with a C, and so forth. Following World War II until 1955, the letters, which started over from prewar lettering, were added to the end of the number. The company started the letters over in 1967. Then, from 1974 to 1990, the third numeral in the serial number is the last number in the year the bike was constructed.

Did Raleigh offer any racing bikes?

Raleigh offered several levels of racing bikes in the 1970s. Their top-of-the-line racing bike was called the Professional, and it featured Campagnolo brakes and a six-speed freewheel. This bike's design was stiff and very manoeuvrable. Right below that was the International, and its design provided comfort, lightness, and versatility. Other vintage Raleigh racing bikes, included the Record, Grand Prix, Super Course, and Gran Sports.

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