Raleigh Chopper MK2, a blast from the past

Originally designed in the earlier 1970s, the Raleigh Chopper MK2 is a truly iconic bike. Throw it back to your childhood with one of these collectable bikes and find models in need of restoration, along with those that only need a new set of tyres. You can even find specific parts for restoring a Chopper, from handlebars to the gear system and other Raleigh bike collectables. Youll find whatever bike collectable youre after here on eBay. 

Raleigh Chopper MK2 bikes

Get yourself a Raleigh Chopper bike to remind yourself of your childhood, or get your own kids ones so they can ride around on a timeless bike. The design of the Chopper is instantly recognisable. Taking design hints from Chopper motorcycles, these low-rider bikes feature high handles and a comfy seat. 

The ape hanger handlebars are taller than standard handlebars whilst the long padded seat with a backrest benefits from spring-loaded suspension to the rear. An updated T-bar gear shifter sits on the frame in front of the seat. Available in a range of colours, like black, silver and the classic red, the Chopper MK2 is truly iconic. 

Raleigh Chopper MK2 parts

Build your Chopper from scratch and start out with a MK2 frame. Youll find blank frames so you can decorate it yourself alongside those with original Chopper decals. Search for a frame with the front forks still intact, alongside the seat clamp and kick-out stand. This is the perfect base to start your restoration project. 

Raleigh Chopper MK2 handlebars are the most iconic part of the bike and can be found in various conditions, from rusted and in need of some love to those that are nearly brand new. 

Find brand new replica reflective seat decals in bright colours like red, orange, yellow and blue, alongside other decals to add personal charm to your Chopper.