Create a Unique Collection With the Purchase of Rare Match Attax Cards

The majority of Topps Match Attax cards feature football players on them along with stats used to play the Match Attax games. In random packs, you may have the ability to find a variety of unique rare Match Attax football cards. You can find these vintage rare Match Attax cards for sale on eBay.

How are the more expensive Match Attax cards different from standard cards?

As you browse through eBay listings for the top 10 rarest Match Attax cards, you will notice a huge price difference between them and standard Match Attax card releases. The price difference is due to the rarity of the cards. One of the rare collections of Match Attax cards is the special one hundred football club card collection. All the cards in this collection feature stats of 101 for all their attributes in the Match Attax game. The 2010 Match Attax Pele card is a rare release with 101 stats. Another similar card is the Topps Master Trophy card, which features 101 for attack and 101 for defense. These cards do not only have the quality of being rarely distributed, but they also cost more because the cards are so powerful in the game.

Unique features of mint condition versions of ultra-rare Match Attax cards of 2018/19

Along with the stats found on the collectible old Match Attax cards, some of the newer cards have unique features that are fun to shop for and collect. There are numerous autographed cards available, including the Mesut Ozil autographed card. A small box on the side of the card features a real autograph from the player — not a reproduced copy. There are also numerous game relic cards. These cards feature a piece of a game-worn jersey. The relic jersey card with Tom Rogic features a small piece of his yellow jersey.

Limited run Match Attax cards

If you're shopping for ultra-rare items like the limited listings, then check out those featuring the Ultimate Parallel card. There were only 10 of these unique Match Attax rare cards made in the whole entire print run for players like Marcus Rashford. The special foil number in the top left corner of the cards lets you know what each card in the set is. These cards are extremely rare, but sometimes listings for them will pop up on eBay.