Everything You Need to Know before You Buy Rattan Garden Furniture Covers

Are you looking for covers for your outdoor furniture? You will be happy to know that eBay's user-friendly website offers a large selection of new rattan garden furniture covers. Here is what you need to know before you make your purchase.

What type of furniture can the covers be used with?

Your rattan garden furniture covers can be used to protect tables, chairs, benches, hammocks, swings, loungers, and recliners. Covers are available for 2-, 3-, and 4-seat benches or swing sets. Available chair covers include cubes that you can use to store single chairs or a stack of chairs. Furniture covers are available for other items, including outdoor grills, patio heaters, BBQ pits, parasols, and L-shaped couches. Covers can sometimes be used on more than one item type, such as those that are made for hammocks and loungers. Always check the item listing to confirm that the dimensions of the cover will provide an appropriate fit for your item.

Are there used or refurbished covers to choose from?

Purchasing used or refurbished covers is a great way to save money. Covers that are intended for use with standard garden furniture like tables and chairs tend to be more readily available in used condition than are covers that have more specialized uses. You may be able to find used or refurbished covers for use with outdoor grills, BBQ sets, loungers, or hammocks. If the type of cover you need does not seem to be available in used condition, check the item listing to determine if the available cover might be adapted to a similar item that you already own. Checking the dimensions provided in the item listing will help you save time and money and gives you an additional pool of items to choose from.

What are the features of rattan garden furniture covers?

The features of furniture covers can combine to produce a variety of options that protect your outdoor furniture. The following list summarizes the main characteristics of rattan garden furniture covers:

  • Material: Covers for outdoor furniture are made of polyester, polyethylene, or PVC.
  • Usage: Standard covers will fit chairs, tables, benches, swings, and lounge chairs.
  • Protection: Garden furniture covers are either waterproof or entirely weatherproof.
  • Colour: The most common colours are black, green, silver, and beige.
Is it possible to purchase furniture covers as a bundle?

You can save money by purchasing a set of covers that often contain a combination of covers that will fit items of different sizes. You can find covers that fit an entire chair and table set inside the same cube that can help you save money and condense storage. Some sets can include covers of different shapes and sizes that might fit a furniture set comprised of a table, bench, and chairs.