Impressive marine electronics from Raymarine

Get the most out of your time on the water with Raymarine marine electronics. Perfect for leisure or recreational boating as well as light commercial use, Raymarine products are reliable and easy to use, with a rugged design and packed full of the latest technological advancements. Whatever you need these boat accessories for, you're sure to find what you're looking for here on eBay. 

Raymarine autopilots

Let your Raymarine autopilot do all the hard work while you relax and enjoy being on the water. These high-tech additions use artificial intelligence to make clever calculations based on the environment and make adjustments to the steering to keep you on course, even in unfavourable weather conditions. 

Raymarine autopilots are typically made up of three units, an onboard computer, a drive unit to hook up to the steering system and a control head for you to use. You can look out for these autopilot products either sold separately if you need a replacement part, or as a set to get you up and running in no time. 

Raymarine chartplotters

Ensure you always remain on course with a Raymarine chartplotter for your boat. Compatible with charts from leading providers, these Raymarine boat accessories feature multifunction displays for a flexible and powerful navigation experience. 

Choose from vector charts, 3D charts, satellite charts and others, and tailor your navigation experience to you. 

Raymarine fishfinders

Use a Raymarine fishfinder to seek out your catches with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you enjoy inshore, offshore, coastal or freshwater fishing, Raymarine has the perfect fishfinder for you. 

Powered by sonar, these fishfinders can offer a 3D picture of the areas around and underneath your boat, so you can easily identify where to cast your line or net. 

Look out for Raymarine Dragonfly models for superior performance and multifunction technology. You could even turn your smartphone or tablet into a sonar display screen with the help of the Wi-Fish app.