Reborn Dolls & Accessories

Reborn Dolls & Accessories

The art of creating reborn dolls is a real skill. The time-consuming process involves many different processes, including layering paint and sculpting features, an artist must undergo to transform a standard manufactured doll into a reborn doll. The end result is an adorable, life-like doll that looks amazingly realistic. Whether you are an avid collector of reborn dolls & accessories or you are looking for a unique gift for a young child, the realistic look of these hand-crafted dolls cant fail to impress. Theyre also the best possible choice if you are looking for a doll to use in a film or play you are staging.

Cute Baby Clothes

Dress your reborn doll to look their best in some beautiful clothes and accessories. Choose cosy knitted jumpers, pretty dresses and snuggly sleepsuits. Youll find both handmade and manufactured clothing. Treat your doll to accessories like hats, hairbands and tiny baby socks to complete their outfits. You can also find extras that add an additional touch of realism, such as hospital ID tags, nappies, dummies and baby bottles.

You will often save money by opting for a baby bundle that includes a selection of clothing and accessories. And dont forget somewhere for your doll to sleep and some lovely warm bedding. Youll find some fantastic cots and Moses baskets. For a really special gift, you can order personalised accessories like dummy clips.

DIY Dolls

Youll also find all of the supplies you need to create your own reborn doll, including eyes, hair, bodies and limbs. Choose between vinyl and silicone skin for your dolls face and limbs, and simple cloth or durable suede for their body. Add in every tiny detail down to the eyelashes. You can also purchase the paints, brushes and pencils you need to add colour and texture to your baby dolls face.