What You Need to Know About Buying Recovery Lorries and Trucks

You need to move disabled cars, lorries, or other vehicles, and a recovery truck is a good choice. These vehicles are rated to safely lift and transport disabled vehicles. On eBay, you can choose from different manufacturers, styles, features, and safety equipment on an inexpensive recovery truck for sale.

Cab and equipment features of an affordable recovery truck

The cab and equipment features of a reasonably priced recovery truck include:

  • Winch: This raises and moves the car that is to be loaded onto the recovery truck.
  • Sleeping area: Drivers who need to transport a vehicle a long distance may want to sleep in the lorry's cab.
  • Crew cab: This provides space for up to six people in the cab of the recovery lorry for sale.
  • Tail lift: This allows the recovery truck to lift the disabled vehicle from the front or the tail end.
  • Crane: The crane lifts, rotates, and lowers the disabled vehicle from the lorry's bed.
What are some safety features in a recovery truck?

Recovery trucks may be on the side of the motorway and the drivers may be in harm's way, so xenon headlights improve the vehicle's visibility. Large recovery trucks also have to traverse difficult travelling conditions, so disc brakes or anti-lock braking systems are also important features. In the cab, the pre-owned or new recovery truck may have driver's and passenger's side airbags. Emergency roadside assistance and a built-in CB radio for calling for help are also available safety features. Four-wheel drive is another feature to consider in a recovery lorry for sale.

Which body types of recovery trucks for sale are available?

The available body types of large recovery trucks include:

  • Flat bed: A crane or winch raises the disabled vehicle onto the bed.
  • Tilt and slide: A tilt and slide recovery truck for sale has a bed that tilts for loading the disabled vehicle.
  • Box: The disabled vehicle goes into the lorry's box.
  • Vehicle transporter: This body style allows for the transportation of multiple vehicles.
How do you choose the right recovery lorry for sale?

When you are looking for low-cost recovery trucks to buy, consider their:

  • Manufacturer: Some options include Renault, Chevrolet, and Mercedes-Benz.
  • Axle configuration: The options include 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, and 8x4.
  • Transmission: Select automatic, semi-automatic, or manual.
  • Cab type: Choose standard, chassis, crew cab, extended cab, or double cab. The cabs offer left-side or right-side driver's seat.
  • Fuel type: Select diesel or petrol.