Redback Boots

Redback Boots - Built to Serve Your Toughest Needs

Redback makes boots for the work environment and, therefore, implements a functional, yet comfortable design. The Australian shoemaker creates footwear that is suitable for different sectors, including industrial, farming, and emergency response. Browse through eBay to search for your preferred Redback boots.

How are Redback boots suited for a work environment?

The Australian manufacturer incorporates various technologies and design elements to come up with sturdy working boots. Some of these aspects include:

  • Premium leather: Redback boots are made using genuine full-grain leather that offers 30% more thickness than regular leather. The material provides strong boots that retain their shapes even with prolonged use.
  • Anatomic support: To ensure that the foot has sufficient arch support, the manufacturer includes an anatomic sole in its boots (see the manufacturers site for further details). The sole cradles the foot during walking, which reduces fatigue and foot-related pain.
  • Polyurethane sole: Redback boots have a compression-moulded sole made of polyurethane that offers improved traction. The material has excellent flexibility, which minimises the risk of cracking. It is also oil, acid, and slip resistant, making it suitable for use in various settings.
  • Heel reinforcement: The manufacturer has created a unique design for its heel. It contains three layers that provide lasting lateral stability. The heel maintains its shape with consistent use and goes longer without developing rough edges compared to conventional boot designs.
How is the sole of the Redback boot attached?

Redback steel toe boots dont have stitching for their soles. The shoemaker uses its proprietary Dual Density Redback sole technology to build the soles of its working boots. With this construction, the manufacturer melts the sole material then pours it directly on the leather fibres. This process binds the soles and the leather, such that the bottom appears to be part of the upper. According to the manufacturer, the advantage of this construction compared to stitching, glue, or screws, is that it doesnt break down over time.

Does Redback use synthetic materials in its boot uppers?

All Redback boots are made with full-grain leather, including the upper. Breathability is the main reason why the manufacturer chooses leather for most parts of the boot. Leather is one of the most breathable materials, which makes it appropriate for working boots. It allows sweat and moisture out of the shoes, leaving the feet feeling comfortable. Redback uses a single layer of the material on the upper to ensure that the feet can breathe as required.

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