Free Wheeling: Reliant Motors

Hailing from Tamworth, Reliant Motors produced a variety of niche and sports cars in the United Kingdom. These cars are known for their lightweight fibreglass bodies and unique features, including the three-wheeled Robin. You can find vintage Reliant vehicles for sale on eBay.

Reliant models on the road

Over the years, Reliant Motors have produced several models of vehicles. The Reliant Robin is one of their most well-known cars. The company became a pioneer in the design and development of fibreglass manufacturing. You can find several models of Reliant cars on eBay, including:

  • Reliant Regals
  • Reliant Robins
  • Reliant Kittens
  • Reliant Foxes
  • Reliant Scimitars
Do Reliant vehicles come in different body styles?

Reliant Motors has produced several models of cars and other vehicles. Most of their cars are the saloon body type, and you can find many of these models still travelling on the roadways. However, you can find a wide range of other body models from Reliant, including:

  • 2 1/2-door saloons
  • 3-wheel saloons
  • 3-door 3-wheel estates
  • 3-door 3-wheel hatchbacks
  • 3-door vans
How was the Robin different from other Reliant models?

The Reliant Robin became the most well-known vehicle produced by the company. It was one of the few cars to use only three wheels. The Robin featured two wheels in the back with one in the front. The single wheel is responsible for all the steering and driving. Robins had a top speed of 135 km/h due to the 850 cc engine. These models also delivered a fuel economy of 30 km/L, and the later Mk3 could give you up to 160 km/L.

There were several models of this car produced over a 30-year time frame, including the Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3. You can find these Reliant Robins produced during one of three periods:

  • Mk1 (1973–1981) - This was the first Robin produced by Reliant, and it was a direct replacement for the Reliant Regal.
  • Mk2 (1989–2001) - These vehicles were revamped with a new fibreglass body, and they were available for the first time as a hatchback, an estate, or a van.
  • Mk3 (2001–2002) - These vehicles were the last versions of the Robin. They featured a redesigned body with new panels and Vauxhall Corsa front lamps. The Mk3 also included a computer-based navigation system with an electric or a diesel engine.
Are all Reliant motor cars available in manual transmission?

Yes, the Reliant vehicles are only available with a manual transmission. However, later models were available in an electric or diesel engine.