Reptile Supplies

Reptile supplies include a wide range of accessories and products for reptiles kept as pets, including bulbs, food, heat and humidity monitoring equipment, housing and enrichment products. 

These essential items provide a safe and healthy environment for reptiles, whilst also providing an attractive and enjoyable aesthetic, all for the reptile owner to enjoy seeing their much-loved pet interact with.

 Different Types Of Reptile Supplies

  • Technical Products - including heat bulbs and lamps, thermostats, heat mats and heaters. Reptiles require specialist care, and these products help ensure those specialist needs are met.
  • Housing - commonly plastic, glass or glass/ plastic and wood combination depending on the design. Common designs are rectangular in shape, but more elaborate designs may be different.
  • Enrichment / Decoration - may include hideaway huts, waterfalls, hammocks, ornaments and caves enabling the environment to look aesthetically pleasing whilst providing hideaway areas for the reptile or reptiles housed.
  • Plants, Soil and Sand - Specialist foliage ensures the environment is as natural and comfortable as possible for the reptile housed. Specialist products are used to ensure they are free from additional pests, chemicals or other additions that may be damaging or poisonous to the pet.
  • Food - Specialist food for different reptiles contains different combinations of vitamins and minerals depending on the reptile it is designed for. Some may also need to be kept at a particular temperature so a thermometer will be useful 

Benefits Of Reptile Supplies

  • Reptiles are kept healthy in their specialist environments 
  • Owners enjoy a happy and healthy reptile who interacts with his environment normally
  • Owners are able to ensure their reptile is happy and enriched because of products like waterfalls, hideaway caves and foliage
  • Reptiles are kept secure inside specialist housing, which is particularly important in the case of sensitive or dangerous reptiles

Maintenance and Safety For Reptile Supplies

Individual supplier or manufacturer instructions should be carefully followed for each individual product.

In all cases, special attention should be paid to the use of the product in relation to the particular breed or type of reptile it is designed for.