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Restaurant Glass Washers

Washing glasses is one of the chores of running a restaurant bar. There's a range of restaurant glass washers to simplify and quicken the task of dishwashing and they're available in sizes to suit every need. Restaurant glass washers are available from a range of brands, including Commenda, Prodis and Maidaid. Choose from either brand new washers or secondhand units.

Manual Glass Cleaners

For low throughputs or where space is at an absolute premium, manual glass washers consist of upright nylon brushes fixed to a base that has rubber suction cups powerful enough to anchor the unit to a sink bottom. Using a manual glass cleaner is rather straightforward. With a quick twist or two will cleaning each glass of contaminants. These simple, basic devices work surprisingly well.

Brush-Head Manual Glass Cleaners

One step up from the basics, manual brush-head glass cleaners incorporate a nylon brush within a small tank which is filled with warm soapy water. These are excellent at helping to remove the most stubborn of stains. Once glasses have passed through this manual system they can be finally cleaned as normal.

Automatic Glass Cleaners

Automatic glass cleaners either rest on their own stand, on the floor or are compact enough to be rested on a shelf. Capacities vary widely, from 12 pint glasses to 30 pint glasses. They're made of easy-clean stainless steel, have a two or three-minute wash cycles and can include automatic rinse aid and detergent dosers.

Gravity Drains or Pump Drains?

One consideration when purchasing an automatic glass washer is the type of drainage system required. If the waste pipe is the lowest part of the machine, gravity will do the draining. However, if the drain is level or above the waste outlet then a drain pump will be required.

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