Listen to Your Favourite Radio Programmes in Style with a Retro DAB Radio

With a retro DAB radio, you can have the best of both worlds; vintage styling that looks amazing, and up-to-date audio that sounds incredible. A DAB radio gives you access to around 350 national and local radio stations, so there will always be something to listen to. Whatever your needs and budget, there is sure to be a retro DAB radio for you on eBay.

What features should you look out for when choosing a retro DAB radio?

There are many different features that you might wish to look out for when choosing a retro DAB radio. Some of the top ones that you might enjoy include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connect external devices so that you can play audio from them directly through the speakers on your radio.
  • DAB +: This is a newer technology that some stations are already supporting. A DAB radio that can also support DAB + will future-proof your radio.
  • LCD Display: Makes it easy to navigate through the menus on your radio, and also lets you see information about what the station is playing.
  • Alarm clock: Use your radio as an alarm clock, waking up to your favourite radio station every morning.
  • Station presets: Store your favourite stations so that you can access them at a push of a button. Models will vary as to how many presets they allow.
Can retro DAB radios be portable?

Many retro DAB radios can be operated either via a mains supply or through batteries, making them completely portable. DAB radios are usually compact in size, so are easy to carry around. Battery life and the battery size required depends entirely on the model.

Can DAB radio be received anywhere in the UK?

DAB radio offers coverage across 98% of the UK for BBC radio stations. Coverage is 91% for local radio and 91.5% for Digital One stations. You can check via your postcode what coverage is like in your area.

What exactly is DAB radio?

DAB is an acronym standing for Digital Audio Broadcasting. Put simply, it is the digital transmission of radio waves as opposed to analogue transmission. Broadcasting radio digitally makes the audio clearer and sharper and also reduces interference, no more crackling or losing the signal altogether. DAB also allows broadcasters to send information about programmes and particular songs that they are playing, which is often presented on the screens of DAB radios.