Picking a Retro Football Shirt to Help You Look the Part

There's an ever-increasing interest in the heritage of famous names from the football world. Fans everywhere want to wear their club or country's colours, and to look great while doing so. A retro football shirt is an excellent way of looking stylish and distinctive while you play, train, or relax.

How can you find your favourite team's shirt?

In many cases, this will be easy, as most club colours haven't changed much over the years. With some clubs, though, it can be trickier. For example, Leeds United used to play in blue and yellow, but they changed to white in the early 1960s after the manager was impressed by white-wearing Real Madrid. It can really help to check eBay listings for phrases like "retro 1960s shirt design". You'll find a wide range of inexpensive retro football shirts for a huge variety of teams on the site.

What styles of retro football shirt are available?

In many cases, you'll be able to pick from a choice of styles. These may or may not correspond exactly with what was worn in the era being represented - for example, they may use fabrics like polyester that didn't exist at the time.

  • Short-sleeved shirt: The most common type of shirt, these are easy to wear and look good on or off the pitch.
  • Long-sleeved shirt: This style of football shirt gives a really retro look; it's a style that often works well for goalkeeping shirts.
  • Training kit: Based on the simple shirts used in private training routines, sometimes sold as polo shirts.
  • T-shirt: Simple and understated shirts in the appropriate colours, often bearing just a club name or badge.
How can you personalise your retro football shirt?

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your retro football shirt truly individual. You'll find many listings here on eBay offering additional services, such as numbering, so you can wear the famous number nine of an all-time great centre-forward or simply your favourite number. You may have the choice of printed or embroidered badges. In general, the colours of printed designs look brighter but the slightly raised appearance of embroidered ones can stand out more. For a truly authentic appearance, you can often pick the font for shirt numbers, so you can sport the angular numerals of the 1970s Dutch team or emulate Argentina's striking outlined figures.