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Ricoh Film Cameras

The Ricoh brand was established in the 1940s and Ricoh film cameras, both compact and SLR , have achieved iconic status with dedicated professionals and keen amateur photographers alike. Ricoh film cameras represent an affordable way to get into the fun of film photography and achieve reliably good results.

The range of Ricoh compact 35mm film cameras is large with something for everyone, from classic vintage style cameras to sleek modern models. Ricoh eventually discontinued making film cameras and moved to digital cameras in the late 2000s.

RIcoh SLR 35mm film cameras

Ricoh began making 35mm film SLR cameras with interchangeable M42mm screw lenses in 1964, then in 1997 switched to the faster bayonet K lens mount as used by Pentax.

A good and typical example of a Ricoh 35mm SLR camera is the Ricoh KR-10S, which had the K bayonet mount giving access to the large range of Pentax fit fixed and zoom lenses, both from Pentax and third party manufacturers. It also had an electronically controlled 16 sec - 1/1000sec +B shutter while LCD exposure information was displayed in the viewfinder.

Always innovative, Ricoh also created the Ricoh R1 in 1994. This was a compact camera that featured a panorama mode using two frames of film to give extra wide prints.

Ricoh compact 35mm film cameras

More traditional compact Ricoh 35mm film cameras followed such as the GR1 which won the Best Compact Camera Award in 1996. This camera featured autofocus that could track more than one subject at once, and an electronic shutter from 2 seconds to 1/500 of a second, making it a very versatile pocket camera.

Older Ricoh Compact 35mm cameras such as the 500G used manual rangefinder focussing where the viewfinder image splits into two horizontal halves, these only come back together when the user has focused the camera accurately. Rangefinder focussing is still regarded as the best form of manual focussing by many enthusiasts.

Another well-regarded Ricoh compact 35mm film camera was the Ricoh FF-1 with 35mm f/2.8 Lens. The lens did not retract, as more modern cameras do, but disappeared behind a fold up door making the camera easy to slip into a pocket or bag.

An unusual Ricoh 35mm film camera to look out for is the Ricoh Shotmaster Tru-Zoom, a fully automatic camera made in 1992. The film was wound on automatically after each shot and rewound when the end of the roll was reached. It could also take macro close up photos and had an electronic remote control.

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