Riding Hats Protect your Head

To protect your head during show jumping, or while riding at high speeds, use comfortable riding hats. Stylish selections are available on eBay to match the needs of riders of all ages. Equestrians can choose colours that help them to blend in, or stand out, while handling horses on the ground, or putting horses on a walker.

Will riding hats made of glass fibre offer adequate protection?

Yes. Riding hats on eBay are usually made of ABS plastic or glass fibre, and either of these will help to protect your head if you are hit. The liner of riding hats is also important since this helps to diffuse impact if you are kicked. Liners on riding hats are made of materials like polystyrene. Polystyrene liners act like bubble wrap, so they reduce bruising to your brain.

Benefit from adjustable horse riding hats

You can select riding hats from eBay that are easy to adjust. These can be adapted to fit heads of different sizes, so you can use them with your children. Riding schools also benefit from using such hats. They also offer the following benefits:

  • They are a good fit for oval-shaped heads or round heads.
  • They are well-ventilated to keep you cool during summer training.
  • The interior can be detached.
  • They are lightweight, so equestrians remain comfortable during lengthy training.
Choose stylish skull or standard hats for different occasions

Riders may choose stylish standard hats on eBay, which are suitable for dressage and show jumping. There are also styles that are appropriate for hacking and will match your equestrian clothes. If you are hunting, a skull hat will be a better choice, and eBay has many designs which cover the back and sides of your head. These do not have a solid brim, so they prevent you from getting injured during falls.

How much room should your riding hat provide?

A riding hat should fit your head securely without squeezing, so you should have room at the temples. Space in this area will prevent headaches, and that is essential if you plan to wear your hat for longer than an hour.

Certain designs may squeeze your forehead but easily rock sideways, indicating that they are too round for your head. If a riding hat fits the sides of your head comfortably but rocks from the back to the front, you need one with less of an oval shape. Certain brands on eBay tend to fit oval-shaped heads better, while others are more suitable for round heads.