Show off at a Classic Car Show in Your Riley Classic Car

If the idea of restoring classic autos excites you, consider making a Riley classic car your next restoration project. After starting out building three-wheeled automobiles in 1900, the company operated by three brothers went on to develop a whole line of Riley classic cars. You can find antique and vintage Riley cars for sale on eBay.

Types of pre-World War II Riley cars

Riley built many cars before World War II, including:

  • Saloons - Riley built many saloon cars with room for at least four passengers, including the Adelphi, Deauville, Falcon, Kestrel, Mentone, and Merlin.
  • Coupes - These cars, like the Ascot and Lincock, have a sloping roofline.
  • Tourers - These open-top cars, like the Alpine, Lynx, and Gamecock, have room for at least four people.
  • Sports - These cars, like the Brooklands, Imp, MPH, and Sprite, were designed to go fast.
  • Limousine - Riley also built many cars for wealthy individuals, including their Edinburgh and Winchester models.
Riley mid-sized cars After World War II

After World War II, Riley only produced one mid-sized car, the RMA, before combining forces with Austin to form the British Motor Club. Then they produced several mid-sized cars, including:

  • RME - This car had Riley's 1.5-litre four-cylinder motor and a hydraulic brake system. This model produced from 1952 to 1955 had a huge curved rear window.
  • One-Point-Five - You may be able to find the Riley 1.5 on UK's eBay when shopping for classic Riley cars for sale. You may find three generations of the Riley 1.5 dating from 1957 to 1965, including the 1959 Riley 1.5 for sale. This car featured a twin carburettor along with a 1,489 cubic centimetre engine.
  • 4 / Sixty Eight - This model had a twin carburettor and a straight-four engine. This model came with leather seats, walnut veneer, and pile carpet.
  • 4/Seventy Two - The 4/Sixty Eight was rebranded as the 4/Seventy Two and manufactured from 1961 to 1969. When you shop for this model of vintage Riley cars, you will discover it has antiroll bars and a 1.6-litre engine.
Did Riley make any luxury mini cars?

Yes, you can find the Riley Elf for sale. This luxurious mini car had a three-door box shape. When Riley released this model in 1961, it had an 848 cubic-centimetre engine, but in 1963, Riley upgraded the engine to a 998 cubic-centimetre engine. Automatic gearboxes became available on this unit in 1965.