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Rivet Guns Make Your Work Easier and More Comfortable

An installation process that involves a lot of rivetting doesn’t necessarily have to be tiring and strenuous. Rivet guns have become rather popular in the industry today with a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes available. eBay offers a plethora of both new and used rivet guns for sale, so feel free to search through the listings and find the one that is suitable for you.

How do you choose an appropriate rivet gun for the work?

Depending on the specific type of work you need to perform, there are various different kinds of rivet tools, ranging from small ones to heavy-duty rivet guns. The type of rivet gun that you need is largely dependent on the number of rivets you are setting, as well as the location you are working in. If you are performing work in a small space with no access to compressed air, battery-operated or hand-held rivet guns are the appropriate choices. Moreover, if you have to set a lot of rivets, pneumatic rivet tools will finish the job faster and more efficiently. Heavy-duty rivet guns are a perfect choice for the large-scale installations performed in factories or workshops.

What are the different types of rivet guns?

Prior to making a purchase, consider the following kinds of riveting tools and their respective features:

  • Hand rivet gun: These rivet guns are cost-effective and suitable for small rivets.
  • Lever riveter: These are appropriate for larger parts and rivets, and they come with a mandrel catch, which makes cleaning up easier.
  • Battery riveting gun: These enable powered installations without any cords, which makes the work easier and more convenient.
  • Pneumatic rivet gun: These are a fast and convenient choice if the job calls for an excessive number of rivets.
  • Corner rivet gun: These compact rivet tools are designed for working in confined spaces and rivets are driven at 90-degree angles
  • Electric rivet gun: The advantage of these rivet guns is the speed and the ease of use. However, they can only be used in places where electricity is available.
Popular brands available

You can find a number of branded and cheap rivet guns on eBay. The available brands include, but are not limited to, Sealey, Draper, Stanley, Silverline, Am-Tech, Bergen, and Milwaukee. Moreover, there are also rivet gun sets that include both a riveting tool and rivets.

Matching your rivet gun to the rivet diameter

One of the most important things when buying a rivet gun is matching it to the size and the diameter of the rivets you need to use. Rivet guns are compatible with rivet diameters ranging from 1/4in to 5/32in. See the manufacturer's site for further details on the compatibility.

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