Road Legal Trikes

Road Legal Trikes

Essentially a three-wheeled motorbike, road legal trikes offer the same functionality, but with three wheels. Popular models of trike are available from brands such as BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. In order to be road legal, all trikes must have some level of suspension and a mass that is under one tonne. The length must not exceed 4 metres and the height 2.5 metres.

Relaxed Riding Trikes

With so many brands available, it has never been easier for you to choose the right trike. Some trikes have sloped handlebars with a relaxed riding position. These are suited to those who want to cruise down open roads. The back wheels of this type of trike tend to be thinner and they also have a very thin front wheel. This is designed to give the rider a sense of control while also offering an agile turning system with most of the weight being on the back end of the trike.

Trikes in this style often come with ABS and ASR systems with extra stability to support the bigger frame with the front wheels being almost entirely exposed. Brands specialising in this style include Harley Davidson.

Classic Trikes

Classic trikes tend to have more of an outer shell. The body covers the front and back wheels more than the relaxed style. Brands that specialise in this classic design include Vespa and Honda. The frame is usually thinner and smaller. They are designed for practical purposes and are often used on standard city roads. They dont have much turning ability and are not designed to go at very high speeds, unlike the other higher powered models that are available.

Both classic trikes and relaxed riding trikes come with a varying amount of power known as the CC, ranging from under 75CC up to over 1335CC. This determines how fast the trike can go, who can legally ride it and the riding requirements.