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What You Should Know About Rogers Speakers

Since the inception of Rogers in 1947, the company has been known for speakers that produce rich, pleasing audio. From its surround sound systems to its active subwoofers, there's a speaker for every type of listening that you could possibly be doing. You can find many of Rogers' well-known speaker lines on eBay today.

What kinds of Rogers speakers are there?

Rogers has produced many different speakers during its existence and has produced speakers both in the United Kingdom and in Hong Kong. Some of its most iconic speaker systems and subwoofers include:

  • LS3/5A: The first major speaker from Rogers was the LS3/5A. These small monitor speakers were actively developed in collaboration with the BBC, when the companies sought to create a frequency-accurate speaker for broadcast teams in different locations. The sound quality of these speakers was so outstanding that it quickly became sought after in recording studios worldwide.
  • LS3/5B: Rogers designed active subwoofers that were specifically meant to be paired with the LS3/5A speakers. These featured very little crossover with the actual speakers but did feature a special electronic crossover that allowed users to tweak the frequencies to their exact preference.
  • JR149: These speakers, released far later than the LS3/5A, utilized the same interior design as those famous speakers. However, the JR149 system used a special round aluminium housing to give the speakers a unique look and sound texture.
What are some unique features of Rogers speakers?

Rogers speakers, particularly vintage models, are overall designed in a similar manner to other speakers. However, their drivers and pristine tweeters are features that truly set them apart from other speakers. Audio coming from the LS3/5A and JR149 speakers is extremely rich, but still frequency-accurate.

Where can you use Rogers speakers?

Most Rogers speakers are meant to be used in your home, barring their loudspeaker lines. You can use the speakers with a wide range of audio-producing products. The most common systems to use these speakers and subwoofers with include:

  • Home theatres: Rogers surround sound systems pair perfectly with home theatre setups, creating an immersive sound experience that's frequency accurate and pleasing to the ear. Even their stereo speakers can be used in home theatre setups, as two speakers and a subwoofer can easily reproduce movie audio.
  • Audiophile sound systems: If you want a true listening experience, then a set of carefully maintained Rogers speakers should be paired with a high-quality turntable or other music players. The rich audio quality and analogue warmth given by the speakers' drivers truly boost the listening experience, creating an audio atmosphere that few other speakers can.
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