Brighten Any Room in Your Home With a Roof Lantern Skylight

Whether you want to update your home or you are building a new home, glass roof lanterns skylights will allow for more natural lighting in any room. They are aesthetically appealing and could increase the value of your home significantly. Find these roof lights at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

Skylight styles

You can find a large selection of shapes and styles for sale on eBay. Orangery skylight roof lanterns are generally the largest of all roof lanterns and can occupy the entire ceiling of a smaller room. Lantern skylights are for flat roofs and are smaller than orangery. There are also very small skypods that will give you just enough natural light without taking up the entire ceiling space. There are flat roof lights that will sit plush with your roof and pitched roof lights that sit at an angle with your roof.

Some features of roof lantern skylights

Many of these roof lights are made to order and consist of lightweight aluminium frames and low E (low emissivity) argon-filled glass. This type of glass is highly energy-efficient, reflecting heat back to its source. Other roof lights have triple-glazed windows to cut down on light passing through. Some frames are made of cast iron. The roof side is usually coloured black or grey while the interiors are most often coloured white.

Are there useful accessories that accompany these roof lights?

Some roof lights have the ability to be opened electrically for ventilation. This can allow for better air circulation on warmer days. You can also find roof lantern skylights with blinds built-in between the panes of glass. This extra accessory comes in handy on very sunny or very hot days where less incoming light is preferred. Any upgrades can increase your roof lantern skylight cost.

Are these lantern skylights for flat roofs new or used?

There are myriad new, used, and pre-owned roof lanterns for sale. You can save money on your purchase by choosing a used skylight, but you also must consider that older models may not be as thermal-efficient as newer models. Many older skylight frames are made from cast iron, which is a heavier material and is subject to rusting. However, these models can add a rustic and vintage look to your room. There are benefits to purchasing new or used skylights available for sale on eBay.