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Screw In Round Camera Lens Hoods

Designed to providing the glass with additional protection during use and more importantly, reducing lens flare, screw in round camera lens hood screws onto the front of a camera lens and extends beyond the lens. A round lens hood is completely round, like a funnel, as opposed to petal lens hoods which have cut-out shapes.

Round camera lens hoods are more commonly used with prime lenses than zoom lenses because on a zoom lens the hood might show in the edges of the picture when the lens is zoomed out.

Attaching a lens hood to your camera

Camera lens hoods can be screwed or clipped to the front of the lens. A screw model offers additional security and cannot move around or fall off, even if it is knocked.

The advantages of using a lens hood

A round camera lens hood prevents light from bouncing in from outside the frame of your image. This light can strike the outer lens elements and cause flare, meaning the colour and contrast of your image will be compromised. A photograph with flare will often appear to have a little hexagon of light in it somewhere and any dust on your lens will show up very clearly.

Using a lens hood is the equivalent of shading your eyes on a bright sunny day to prevent glare and see things more clearly, it literally allows your lens to see more clearly.

You don't always need to use a lens hood

Some camera models already have plastic casing that extends beyond the glass of the lens and for these, a lens hood is not always necessary. For any camera model with a prominent lens, a hood will ensure a better quality of photograph.

A lens hood will not help with flare if the sun, or other direct light source, is actually in your photograph, the hood protects from unwanted light coming in at an angle.

In the event that you do not want to use your screw in round camera lens hood for a particular shot it can be easily removed but having one as a part of your regular photography kit will help you to prevent disappointing results a lot of the time.

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