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Capture Special Moments With the Samsung SLB 10A Battery

The Samsung SLB 10A rechargeable battery is designed to keep a wide range of cameras powered to their max. You can find a variety of these batteries available on eBay for all of your photography needs at affordable prices.

What should you consider when purchasing Samsung SLB 10A batteries?

There are several considerations that you can make when purchasing rechargeable batteries for your Samsung digital cameras, including:

  • Condition: The SLB 10A batteries are available in new and used condition.
  • Intended purpose: Knowing if you need the battery for your main power source for the camera or backup power can help you determine the right product for your needs.
  • Cost: With different options available through eBay, you can compare the cost of these products.
  • Charging capabilities: It is necessary to have the right model charger on hand to keep the charge in your battery for use.
  • Compatibility: Knowing that the battery will fit your model camera is necessary to ensure you get the results you are seeing.
What charger is needed for the Samsung SLB 10A battery?

The SLB 10A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery is used to power a wide range of Samsung branded digital cameras. These batteries can be charged using an original Samsung SLB 10A battery charger. There are also compatible third-party chargers that can be used for this purpose, including:

  • Samsung EX2F charger
  • Samsung IT100 charger
  • Samsung NV9 charger
  • Samsung WB150F charger
  • Samsung PL50 charger
What are the technical specifications of the Samsung SLB 10A?

The Samsung SLB 10A is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery used for different model cameras. The Samsung SLB 10A battery is classified as a generic battery type and offers 3.7 volts of output for powering the camera in which the battery is installed. This transfers to 1050 mAh amp hours of use.

When should you consider used SLB 10A batteries?

You can find a variety of new and used batteries available on eBay. Most used batteries still offer a lot of charging capabilities for powering your Samsung camera. Consider the option of purchasing used batteries for many reasons, including:

  • Backup: While you already have a main battery for your Samsung camera, you are seeking additional backup batteries for longer photographing sessions.
  • Budget: You are working with a smaller budget to purchase your batteries and accessories.
  • Charges: There are ample charges still left on the battery you are considering.
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