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Things to Know Before Purchasing an SME Turntable

Listening to vinyl on a turntable is an ideal way to experience recorded music. SME makes high-quality turntables, making it possible for listeners to listen to their favourite recordings in high-fidelity audio. If you are interested in purchasing an SME turntable, read the following common questions from shoppers looking for them on eBay.

How small is an SME 10 turntable?

The SME 10 is designed to fit on just about any surface you want to use for listening to music. In fact, its radius is only slightly larger than the actual vinyl it is playing when it is fully set up. This means you can use it anywhere in your home, fitting it easily into your home entertainment system. Its small and lightweight design is driven by it being made out of aluminium, weighing just 9 pounds when there is no record on it. Its suspension-less construction is the crowning achievement of its design.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes. Once you have your SME turntable, it is easy to set up and start listening to music immediately. The following are the steps you need to take once you have your turntable. After you do these five things, the turntable will be ready to go.

  • Step 1: Take out the transport screw in the bottom of the unit.
  • Step 2: Insert oil into the bearing well. In some cases, this oil will be provided with the shipment.
  • Step 3: Place the primary platter on top of the sub-platter.
  • Step 4: Connect the power supply to the wall and the turntable via the mini-DIN power plug.
  • Step 5: Install the stylus protector that protects people from banging into the tonearm while music is playing.
Can records be played at different speeds?

Yes. The turntable plays at two variable speeds, 331/3 RPM and 45 RPM, so you can listen to full LPs and singles on the player. Once the record player is on, it must be switched off again before changing the speeds. The speed you are playing at is indicated by an LED light on the power supply. The table gets up to the desired RPMs almost instantly once the turntable is turned on.

Do all models come with a tonearm included?

Most models do, but be sure to check to see if the model you are interested in comes with a tonearm. If it doesn't, separate tonearms are also sold on eBay. On top of these tonearms, a variety of other replacements parts for SME turntables are available.

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