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What You Should Know About SMOK Vaping Products

SMOK has been a major name in the vaping industry since the beginning. Find new and used SMOK mods for sale on eBay. You must be 18 or older to buy vaping products.

SMOK vape innovations

To many veteran vapers, SMOK is one of the leaders in vape technology. As vaping has become more common, manufacturers have had to get creative about the options they offer. Look for these innovations when you see SMOK mods for sale:

  • Dual coil atomisers - Although the SMOK vapes weren't the first ones to use dual coil atomisers, they were the first to make them available to the masses. Dual coil provides more vapour and more flavour than a single coil.
  • Variable wattage - Again, SMOK was not the first one to offer variable wattage, but they capitalised on it in the very beginning. Many early vapers came to know of variable wattage through the SMOK mods. The Rocket, Shuttle, and Silenus were all early variable wattage devices.
  • Sub-ohm vaping - You used to only be able to achieve sub-ohm vaping with a mechanical mod. SMOK brought the technology to personal devices so that everyone can enjoy sub-ohm vaping.
What types of SMOK mods are there?

SMOK manufactures a full range of vaping products. These include:

  • Stick series - The classic SMOK e-cig is sold in various forms under the Stick series.
  • Alien series - This is a SMOK battery mod that allows you to adjust the temperature and wattage settings. An Alien series SMOK starter kit on eBay will usually include the Big Baby Beast tank and two batteries, with separate meters for each battery.
  • Alien baby - The Alien baby shares most of the characteristics of the Alien series but only comes with one battery.
  • SMOK Species 230W - The SMOK Species kits are the new range introduced in 2019 to replace the Alien series. They use mesh coils for better flavour.
  • Morph 2019 - This the high-tech version of a SMOK vape. It features a full-colour touchscreen and can be locked with a passcode.
SMOK pods

From a small SMOK box mod to a refillable pod system, SMOK has it all. For those looking for a simple SMOK e-cig, there's the SMOK Nord kit or the SMOK Infinix, both of which are made to be used easily by beginners. For those looking for small, discreet devices, there are the Novo, Mico, and Fit kits. With the full range of flavours and nicotine strengths available from SMOK, you are sure to find something that fits your vaping needs.

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