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Breathe New Life Into Your Watch With an SR920SW Battery

The humble watch battery was invented in 1957 and has been keeping watches happily ticking ever since. Very few things are quite as frustrating as a dead timepiece, so check eBay for a wide range of affordable SR920SW watch batteries on eBay.

Why is an SR920SW battery commonly referred to as a watch battery?

This battery got its name because of its most common application. Developed especially to power wrist watches, it has a circular shape and is therefore also referred to as a button cell.

Are button cells only used to power watches?

Button cells can be used to power a wide variety of devices. The chemical composition of button cells makes them suitable for use in applications where a long battery service life is required. Some of the common uses of button cells include calculators, pacemakers, vehicle keys, and hearing aids.

Are all button cell batteries the same?

No. The main differences between the batteries are their chemical composition and the physical dimensions. The different battery types are distinguished from each other via a standardised coding system which denotes the properties available in the individual cell.

How do you choose the right SR920SW battery?

The voltage and shape of batteries differ so, because of this, it is important to take note of the model number when replacing your watch battery. The voltage and model number of the battery is normally stamped onto its casing for easy reference.

How long does a button cell battery last?

The lifetime of a button cell battery is mainly determined by the amount of energy the device it powers uses. These batteries are designed for long life and it is not uncommon for a typical watch battery to last several years, particularly as the devices they power are so small. You can find more information on the expected lifetime of the battery from it's manufacturers website.

Which chemicals are used in the manufacturing of button cells?

Button cells can be manufactured from a wide variety of chemicals, including:

  • Alkaline: These offer the least stability and capacity, but are the most commonly used battery for watches.
  • Zinc-air: Has a higher capacity than other watch battery types.
  • Silver: Offers a stable output voltage right up until end of life.
  • Mercury: These supply a stable voltage, but are not commonly available or advised due to toxicity.
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