Sable Coats

All About Sable Coats

Sable fur is used in a variety of ways, ranging from a small trim that adds flair to your coat to a full-length coat made entirely of sable. Whenever you want a bold, dramatic outfit that is also nice and warm, a sable coat is an excellent way to stay cosy. You can find a large selection on eBay, so you can easily shop for a sable coat that suits your style.

What is the natural sable colour?

Sable is naturally found in dark brown and black colours, and occasionally some of the hairs may be tipped with a lighter shade towards the end of the strand. However, this does not mean that sable coats are limited to these two shades. The fur can be dyed and bleached, so it is possible to find grey, silver, green, pink, or white sable fur coats and more.

How many layers of hair are on a sable coat?

Sable fur is a little unusual because it has distinct layers in it, and these multiple layers in a sable coat are part of why these coats are so warm. If you look closely at a sable fur, you will see that it has a dense undercoat of soft, fine hair with a layer of longer, thicker guard hairs on top.

Explore the many coat styles of sable fur

Due to its soft and lightweight material, sable can be made into many types of fur coats. You can find parka styles with straight sides and a large hood or long coats with a dramatic A-line style skirt. Other types include short, wide swing coats, elegant trench coats, or even cape style coats. If you want the style of sable with a little less warmth, look into sable vests with a sleeveless shape.

Features to look for in sable coats

When you are shopping for a sable coat, there are many great features you can consider getting.

  • Belts: A belt on the coat defines your waist and helps to keep the coat closed.
  • Special linings: Silky satin or soft cashmere linings can make a sable coat feel even more luxurious.
  • Vintage style: Shop for older vintage sable coats if you want a coat that matches antique, glamorous styles.
  • Pockets: Keep your hands extra warm by slipping them into the pockets of a fur coat.
  • Natural finish: Some coats keep the tails or other parts of the sable as a stylistic finish.