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Salomon Men's Walking Hiking Trail Boots

Originating in 1947, Salomon's history in producing sporting and outdoor goods is as authentic as it comes. Salomon men's walking, hiking and trail boots are a continuation of the company's impressive heritage, with a range of boots designed by drawing on the experience and innovation of a highly regarded player in the field.

High performance and tough, yet comfortable

If you are looking for high performance boots which can survive the most adventurous hike or trail, then look no further, as Salomon boots are well equipped with everything necessary to handle these tough conditions.

Salomon have employed a range of ingenious techniques and innovations when producing the boots in this section. You will find boots, which make use of technologies to improve comfort, waterproofing and durability.

Expert grip in all weather conditions

Salomon boots are available with a variety of precision engineered treads to ensure that they achieve a sturdy grip on the ground in all weathers. This is an important feature, especially when hiking in muddy or wet conditions. Care has also been taken to ensure that the robust treads of these boots are as appealing to the eye as they are efficient and functional. Treads are incorporated into Salomon boots' various designs, with the pattern of the treads adding to the overall look of the shoe.

Creative designs for a great outdoor look

Salomon boots vary widely in their colours, patterns and designs, such as lace up boots . The brand makes use of materials such as leather and suede . Salomon have gone to great trouble to innovate as much on the design front as they have in the areas of performance and durability. Their 100% leather boots are a classic and if cared for will last you many years.

If you like to have some fun with the look of your hiking footwear, you will not be disappointed, as there are some truly wonderful, bright designs offered by the brand. Alongside these bold designs is a selection of boots with classic tones, including black, grey and tan, perfect if you require a more subtle or traditional look.

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