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Saltwater Fishing Lures

Ensure you successfully entice that well deserved prize catch with the right saltwater fishing lures. A fishing trip at sea is sure to be a big success if you choose the best lure to catch a fishs attention.

Saltwater fishing lures come in different colours, shapes and sizes and are made of various materials. Their aim is to imitate the movement of the fishs natural prey.

The main types of lures which are available are jigs , spinners, plastic baits, plugs and spoons. Plug fishing lures are wooden or plastic and are made to imitate the shape and swimming action of a fish - some use rattles, lights and electronic vibrations to attract fish.

Poppers are lures which splash across the surface of the water and are best used at a time of the day when fish are more likely to feed on the surface. Jigs imitate saltwater bait fish, crustaceans, and invertebrates. They have a weighted head and can have added feathers or hair. Soft plastic lures come in various shapes and sizes, and colours. Bright colours are best on sunny days and darker colours are recommended on overcast days. They can be rigged to a hook or attached to a jig bait.

Spinners cause the water to spin which attracts the fish. Spoons are curved metal lures shaped like a spoon, and it moves through the water with a side-to-side wobble, imitating an injured prey.

Optimum Fishing soft plastic lures are designed to look like eels and ragworms. The five eels are either pearl white or red in colour and the ragworms are black.

The brand BigOne has a set of six hard plug baits in the shape of silver sea fish of different lengths and weights, which make a rattling sound.

YAPADA has produced spoon lures made of zinc alloy, in colours including silver, gold, green, and rose gold and in sizes between 5g and 20g. These vivid lures aim to effectively catch the attention of the fish. For an assortment of different types of lures Razor Claw has a set of three which contain jigs and spinners. They look like small fish, with a chrome finish, red eyes, and treble hooks.

The Savage Gear Saltwater Panic Prey V2 Surface Lure is a popper-style of lure modelled on an anchovy. It has a long narrow dynamic body to give a long and precise casting and it moves with a wide gliding splashing action, imitating a panicking fish prey. Savage Gear has also produced 3D hybrid shrimp lures by using 3D scanning and 3D modelling of a real shrimp to produce the perfect appearance and swimming action.

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