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Samsung 3D TV Glasses & Accessories

Experience Immersive Viewing with Samsung 3D Glasses

If you want to watch 3D content on your Samsung TV, youll need a pair of Samsung 3D glasses. 3D glasses allow you to enjoy a seamless and comfortable watching experience when watching 3D material on 3D HDTVs. You can find many lightweight 3D glasses on eBay.

How should wear Samsung 3D glasses while watching TV?

3D glasses are designed to be worn while sitting upright. The lenses have lines that are tailored to match those on your screen. When viewing 3D images with Samsung 3D glass, be sure not to lie down. If the 3D glasses and screen fall out of alignment, youll no longer be able to view content in 3D.

What is the viewing range of Samsung 3D glasses?

A 3D TV has an infrared emitter that communicates with 3D glasses. To ensure that the signal can get from one device to the other, youll have to keep the devices within a certain range of each other. In order for 3D glasses to pick up content, Samsung recommends maintaining a distance of six metres. An IR emitter will usually be located on the bottom-left corner of a 3D TV. Although it is not always possible to notice by eye, theres a small LED light covering the emitter which turns red during transmission. A camera can be used to check if the signal is on. Communication between the IR emitter and your Samsung 3D glasses can only occur when there are no obstacles between them.

How do you pair 3D glasses with your Samsung 3D TV?

Pairing Samsung active 3D glasses with your TV allows them to exchange data. You can use the glasses with a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player, 3D HTS, and 3D HDTV. See the manufacturer site for details regarding compatibility. The process of pairing devices is simple and requires only a few steps:

  • Switch on your TV and position your glasses near the television.
  • Press the power button on your glasses to automatically initiate the pairing process.
  • A message will be displayed on your TV if the pairing is successful. If it did not work, restart the process by turning off your devices.
  • You will need to pair your glasses again if you switch devices.
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