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Got one to sell?

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Improve phone performance with Samsung batteries for Galaxy S4

If you have an original Samsung Galaxy S4 that is still going strong, then to keep in in optimum health, replacing its battery when it starts to degrade can help maintain its performance. There is a large selection of batteries available that fit this model correctly and that can be easily installed into the battery compartment. You'll find everything from affordable genuine parts to OEM batteries all suited to the Galaxy S4 model. 

Bring your phone back to life

Samsung Galaxy phone models are a reliable and robust smartphone option so ensuring you have maximum battery power will help them last longer. Choosing a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will ensure that you have the best opportunity for long-lasting power for all your everyday phones uses. 

If you are guilty of leaving it plugged in for too long to charge, there is also a built-in overcharging protection feature, so the battery doesn't deteriorate faster. Samsung batteries will also keep your phone in better battery health for when you need it most, and you can also opt for a backup to make sure you have one spare for emergencies. 

Making it last

Once you've replaced your battery in your Samsung Galaxy S4, keeping it in top condition is the best option to make sure it doesn't deteriorate faster than average useful lifespan. There are a few things you can do to make it last the optimum time, and firstly that involves before its first use, charge it for a good few hours, usually overnight works best. 

It's also essential to keep phones away from water, and excessive heat as this could affect its longevity for the future. For the ultimate durability be sure to get the right phone battery for your model and check sizes to get the perfect fit. 

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