Fulfill Your Printing Needs With a Samsung CLP-315

Samsung's CLP-315 printer is designed to take care of your personal and professional printing needs in one easy-to-use machine. You can purchase one of several CLP printers on eBay. Getting to know some of the primary features of this printer and how you can use it will help you choose the model that suits your needs.

Are there different types of CLP-315 printers?

Although the Samsung CLP-315 is a specific type of printer, you can set it up as one of two primary types of devices. You may be able to switch its functionality as necessary. The ways you can set up the Samsung CLP-315 are described here:

  • Standard - This is the normal setting of the CLP-315 model. You can set the printer up this way for personal use, and it might benefit small businesses as well.
  • Workgroup - If you want to install your Samsung CLP-315 printer in a large setting where several people can access it at once, using it as workgroup printer may be beneficial to you. A workgroup CLP-315 can accept print jobs from multiple computers across the same network.
How does the Samsung CLP-315 connect to other devices?

Your Samsung CLP-315 will need to connect to other electronic devices before it can accept print jobs. You can tell the CLP-315 to interface with other electronics in a few different ways. Each of these ways can be useful depending on your needs. These are the most common connectivity options for this printer model:

  • Cable - A standard cable can connect your Samsung CLP-315 to another unit directly. The cable will exchange data between the two devices.
  • USB - A USB dongle can connect your Samsung printer to one or more devices wirelessly. The USB can send a signal to the devices you select.
  • Network - If you need to connect several computers to a single CLP-315 printer, you can use a wireless network. The printer can recognise all computers that are visible on a shared network.
Does the Samsung CLP-315 have memory?

Electronic memory can store print jobs in your CLP-315 until the device can complete them. If you have several jobs to complete or they are idling in the print queue, the Samsun CLP-315 memory bank can keep track of them. This feature allows print jobs to pick up automatically without losing them or needing to restart them. The amount of memory your printer has determines how many print jobs it can save in the queue at one time. Common memory capacities include 32MB or 256MB.

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