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Samsung DVD and Blu-ray Players

Important Information to Know Before Shopping For a Samsung DVD Player

A quality DVD player can transform the way you use your home entertainment system. There are a variety of options on eBay for those shopping for a Samsung DVD player. For more information, check out these frequent questions from those shopping for one.

Will they also play Blu-rays?

Yes. Many of the DVD players for sale on eBay can also play Blu-ray discs, making them a great two-in-one entertainment option. On top of being Blu-ray players, there are also players that can broadcast video in 3D. Simply connect it to your television to get started watching right away.

What are some features of the DVD players?

The Samsung DVD players have a variety of options on them to help improve your entertainment experience. The following are some customers favourite features on the players.

  • 4K - Some of the players can send video in 4K quality, so you can watch your movies in stunning high definition with crystal-clear resolution.
  • Colour spectrum - Samsung DVD players have a wide colour spectrum, providing up to twice as many different colours as other players.
  • Dolby Atmos - Take advantage of your surround sound home stereo system with a DVD player that broadcasts audio in Dolby Digital surround sound.
  • Smart technology - Many of the Samsung DVD players can connect to Wi-Fi, allowing them to use online applications for streaming their favourite movies and television shows.
  • CD-R - Certain models can record discs for printing using CD-R technology.
How do you connect a Samsung DVD player?

A Samsung DVD player has a variety of outputs. You can run audio out to a separate receiver using the RCA outputs on the back. Video can be broadcasted to a television using the S-video cable. For the highest picture quality, use the multi-pin HDMI out to the television. This will broadcast both video and audio to the television. Some models will also have an ethernet port, allowing you to hard-wire the player directly to a nearby router for streaming purposes.

What formats can the DVD player play?

The Samsung DVD player can play video and audio files off of a variety of different formats. The device can also record data off of a variety of different discs. The following are the kinds of discs that can be used in conjunction with a DVD or Blu-ray player.

  • DVD
  • Blu-ray
  • Blu-ray 3D
  • CD-RW
  • DVD-RW
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