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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Smartphones

Released in March 2018, the Samsungs Galaxy S9+ smartphone is a highly sophisticated model and a must-have Android phone for those seeking an outstanding visual experience. Discover a range of advanced Samsung smartphones here on eBay. 

Strong specs

The scaled-up screen outputs amazing visuals thanks to its larger design, measuring an impressive 6.2inches and is elegantly curved to further enhance the display. This perfectly suits the camera, which has been upgraded to dual-lens technology that cleverly switches depending on the environment, essentially mimicking the complexity of the human eye. 

This ensures exceptional performance, even in those low-light settings that are notoriously tricky to shoot well. The f/1.5 aperture is the worlds first on a phone, resulting in its punchiest colours and brightest photos yet, plus a considerable reduction in noise. 

The Galaxy S9+ also sees the introduction of the AR Emoji feature, Samsungs answer to Apples Animoji. Let the front-facing camera transform a simple 2D image of you into a 3D avatar by aligning over 100 different facial points. It mirrors your facial expressions then have fun customising yourself with Snapchat-style stickers. You can easily share your avatar with friends too as the universal GIF format means non-Samsung users can receive and enjoy your novel creations. 

On the Galaxy S9+ youll also meet Bixby Voice and Vision, Samsungs smart virtual voice assistant. Much like iPhones Siri, this voice-activated feature means you can go almost completely hands-free, opening apps, getting information and dictating messages, even posting tweets. Its live-translation feature also enables you to decode foreign languages simply by pointing your phone camera at the text, with no need to even snap a photo. 

Samsung has also advanced usability by streamlining menus and navigation, while futuristic biometrics will have you unlocking your smartphone with both facial recognition and iris scanners simultaneously. Quick, easy and super-secure.