Stay On Top of Your Work and Other Business Thanks to a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Charger

When you need to work during your lunchtime to stay ahead of schedule, take advantage of a Samsung Galaxy Tab charger to keep your device powered. eBay is home to a host of Tab 2 10.1 chargers, which makes ordering more accessible and keeps your Samsung Galaxy charged up problem-free. Choose the appropriate charger for your Galaxy without delay.

Will one charger cable fit into all Galaxy models?

When examining the great range of charger cables on eBay, consumers should look carefully at a charger cable's compatibility. Not every cable works with every tablet. One specific one metre-length cable notes it works with the Galaxy Tablet, the Galaxy Tab, and the Galaxy Tab 2. Anything outside these three devices may not be compatible. Also, look at the screen size noted in the charger's description. The size may reveal the charger is supposed to go with a 7-inch or 8.9-inch model. Regardless of compatibility, the USB end fits directly into the corresponding port of a charging source. With a wall outlet adapter, the cable won't be exclusively reliant on a USB port for charging.

Is a Samsung Tab 2 10.1 charger available in several colours?

Yes, the manufacturers released Tab USB charging cables in different colour options. Black might be the most common one as this neutral colour doesn't clash with many devices. Other commonly available colours include blue and white. Review the eBay listings to see if any other unique colour choices are currently listed.

What is a USB data charger cable for the Galaxy?

USB refers to a specific format of cable input. USB stands for "Universal Serial Bus" and employs a specific standardised input for corresponding ports. A USB cable, primarily, serves the purpose of connecting computers with additional devices. Cable length does vary as some may reveal 2 metres or more. With a Galaxy data/charger USB cable, the cable connects the Galaxy to a computer for two purposes:

  • Charging:The cable supports a stream of electricity from a computer or other source to the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 charger.
  • Data:The cable allows files -- audio, video, text, and more -- to transfer from one source to the memory of the Galaxy. The cable does need to support data transfer to do this. Some chargers only transfer electricity.
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