Power Your Samsung TV and Electronics with a New Lead

Power leads for Samsung television sets and other electronics can deliver the energy from your mains straight to the devices you enjoy. You'll find an array of cables and leads on eBay that are designed to work with inexpensive Samsung devices. Understanding some of the features of these leads can help you choose the one that works with the electronics you own.

Can you purchase Samsung leads in different lengths?

You may wish to choose a power cable from eBay based on its length. If you know the size of the room and the distance from your electronic devices to the wall outlet, you can choose a lead that is long enough to reach from the mains to the plugin on your device. Samsung measures cables and leads for their electronics in metres. Note that you can choose a power cable that is longer than your estimate if you would like it to double as an extension cord. Some common lengths for the power cords on eBay are 1, 2, 5, and 10 metres.

Are sets of Samsung leads available for purchase?

In some cases, you can find a set of multiple cords that are compatible with Samsung devices. A few of the potential benefits of purchasing a set of several cords are the following:

  • Various lengths- Some sets include power leads of different lengths. This kind of set might be useful to you if you have Samsung electronics in different rooms. If some of your devices are at different distances from mains outlets, having cords of varying lengths on hand could be useful.
  • Simultaneous connections- If you plan to use several Samsung electronics at once, having a set of multiple power leads with you should make it easy for you to hook up everything.
Are Samsung leads angled?

Some of the power leads you will find on eBay have an angled construction. Cords with angled connectors can attach to devices in unusual positions if necessary. Bending can sometimes affect the ability of the individual wires within the lead to transmit power. However, an angled mains lead can create the bend necessary to connect to a device without sacrificing the functionality of the cord.

Are both new and used cables available?

You can purchase brand new or pre-owned power leads from eBay. A used item will function as intended, but it may not include its original packaging. You may notice signs of slight cosmetic wear. These blemishes are a natural effect of a pre-owned cord. Some used cords may not have visible wear.

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