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Samsung TV & Home Audio Remote Controls

Upgrade Home Entertainment with a Samsung TV Remote Control

A Samsung TV remote control not only lets you manually control all your entertainment devices with one piece of kit, it can also undertake tasks based on voice commands, leaving your hands free to complete chores. eBay offers a huge range of remote controls at a variety of prices that are sure to suit any budget.

Can a Samsung TV remote control let you adjust settings with your voice?

Yes. A Samsung TV remote control can be told to look for specific types of videos, switch channels, or adjust your settings. The remote can be told to switch to any device you connected to your TV, and set-up is easy as you just press the Mic button. If you follow the directions given in the Voice Interaction guide, a Samsung remote will deliver on your commands after it has a sample of your voice. Each Samsung remote may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions.

Will any universal Samsung TV controller work with your existing television?

You can quickly find a suitable universal Samsung TV remote control on eBay to replace your original remote. They are compatible with Samsung LCD, LED, HDTV, and smart TVs. Some universal Samsung remotes on eBay have extra buttons which are made for other interfaces which means you can control more media. A new Samsung TV controller may be lighter than your original remote, making it easier to handle. Some things to consider:

  • Each Samsung TV remote control has a specific memory capacity.
  • A replacement Samsung TV remote control can learn functions from your old remote.
  • If the memory on a Samsung remote control is full, you can delete some of the learned keys. You can also delete the memory on your Samsung TV controller with a factory reset.
Does a Samsung TV controller pair to the TV automatically?

It does in most cases. If yours doesnt, you can pair it manually in minutes. You simply point the Samsung remote at the sensor on your television while pressing and holding the Play button and the Return button. Do this for three seconds, then check that your remote has paired to the TV. Check setup by pressing the Power button on your remote. That should turn the TV on or off.

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