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Samsung TV Main Boards

Replace your Samsung TV Mainboard with the New One

A functional TV mainboard is needed for the different circuits that control sound, images, connections to peripheral devices, and the ability to change various settings on your TV. If your TV isnt working properly, rather than buying a new one, consider replacing the mainboard. eBay stocks a wide range of Samsung TV mainboards at a number of price points.

What are the symptoms of Samsung TV mainboard failure?

Check for the following Samsung mainboard symptoms when diagnosing your TV. These Samsung LED TV main board symptoms are similar to those of a Samsung LCD TV:

  • You get sound but no images.
  • The images seem washed out, and you cannot get them right by adjusting brightness and contrast.
  • The TV starts but does not show images or produce sound. However, the LED light at the power button turns on.
  • The images are always flickering, yet the signal strength and quality is good.
  • The television makes some noise when turned on
  • You cannot use some inputs such as HDMI and USB.
  • The TV screen goes blue after being active for some time.
How do you select the right mainboard for a Samsung TV?

The Samsung TV main board you choose depends on your TV brand and works with different versions of the same brand. A motherboard works with your Samsung d6530 32-inch TV. You can also use the Samsung TV motherboard for your Samsung UED 37 F.

The Samsung TV images look pixilated. What could be the issue?

The cause of pixilated images could be as a result of a main board failure or the timing control board. Also called the T-CON, the work of the timing control board is to digitise data it receives from the processor on your TV’s motherboard. If either or both of the boards fail, the images will look pixilated or distorted. In case of both boards failing, you will have to add the cost of the T-CON board to the Samsung TV motherboard replacement cost. Fortunately, there are inexpensive boards on sale.

Is the Samsung TV mainboard easy to install?

Yes. You can also buy the Samsung main board repair kit. However, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional if you suspect a main board failure. Expert Samsung TV motherboard repair ensures safety and quality work.

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