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Save Your TV With Samsung TV Power Supply Boards

If you love your model of TV, then you'll eventually need to give it some technical attention. Power supply boards, or electric supply managers, are vital components that help the TV run consistently and smoothly. A replacement can most likely restore your beloved television to working order without getting an entirely new set.

What is a power supply board?

The electric supply manager operates power distribution on an LCD screen. The incoming electricity from the outlet is run through a circuit board and series of capacitors. This enables the TV to maintain a steady supply of direct current to all necessary components without interruption or risk of surges.

What parts make up a power supply board?

Power supply management is one of six logic centers that operate on most TV models:

  • Main: This is the primary circuit or motherboard. It controls all of the signal input and output and basically serves as the brain of the television.
  • Timing control: Also called a T-CON, this device handles digitized information. Plasma TVs often use logic boards instead.
  • Inverter: This is where an LCD backlight is mounted when used.
  • X and Y sustain: These logic centers work independently and manage display lines. They also control refresh rate.
  • Buffer: Buffer boards help manage output to the display.

When should an electric supply manager be replaced?

Since it manages current distribution, there are a few signs that a malfunction is rooted in this component. The most common symptoms are electrical fluctuations that cause the screen to flicker or go dark without the TV completely losing all signs of current flow. Intermittent total losses of power can also indicate a problem with electric control. Additionally, abnormally long times between powering the TV on and getting picture or reception can be linked to power management. If one or more of these symptoms are present, a new electric supply manager could solve the problem without necessitating the purchase of a new TV.

How do you check compatibility?

Compatibility is managed via Samsung's product registration information. Viable parts will have designated serial or product numbers that can be checked on Samsung's master list. As long as the component is approved for use with the TV in question, there is no risk of a compatibility problem, and the device should work nominally.

Can electric supply managers be repaired?

If you are trying to repair a TV, replacing the power supply center entirely often represents a smaller investment of time and labor than replacing the board as a whole.