Frequently Asked Questions About 10.1-Inch Samsung Tablets

If you are in the market for a high-end tablet, then a 10.1-inch Samsung tablet may be what you need. These portable devices feature intuitive touchscreen controls and run on the Android operating system. eBay can help you find a tablet that is right for you at an affordable price.

What are the main types of 10.1 Samsung tablets?

There are two main types of Samsung tablets, including:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: This is the main line of Android-based Samsung tablets. It functions like a normal tablet device. The 10.1-inch versions include the original Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, and the Samsung Galaxy A 10.1.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note: The Galaxy Note series features a pressure-sensitive Wacom digitiser that recognises input from a pen-like stylus. It is aimed more toward users who frequently draw or write on the screen with the pen. Though most models are physically smaller than a typical tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1 does have a 10.1-inch screen.
How do you choose the right tablet?

When purchasing a tablet, you need to consider the following features:

  • Screen Quality: Pay close attention to the screen resolution and the type of display technology. There are multiple types of LCD panels. If the screen incorporates PLS technology, then it will have wider viewing angles and increased image quality compared to standard LCD panels.
  • Performance: The number of cores in the CPU, the clock speed per core, and the total amount of RAM are all useful proxies for understanding the performance of the system.
  • Cameras: Most Samsung tablets are equipped with dual cameras in the front and back. Pay close attention to the picture resolution (as measured in megapixels), the video recording resolution, and autofocus and other optional features.
  • Storage: A tablet usually features a small amount of internal flash storage, plus additional storage expansion through an SD card slot.
  • Wireless Capabilities: Most tablets should be equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity. Optional models may have 3G or 4G mobile capabilities as well. The mobile connection is designed for internet functions such as web-browsing and downloads.
How do you choose the mobile carrier you want?

If the tablet is unlocked out of the factory, then you can choose any provider you want. Otherwise, the tablet will be tied to a specific provider when you buy it. This only applies to Samsung models with mobile capabilities.

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