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Samsung Zoom Camera Lenses

A Samsung zoom camera lens is interchangeable for a DSLR camera . The lens magnifies the image and brings it closer to you, allowing the focus on a particular part of the image. They are useful for photographing from a distance, for isolating subjects within a crowd or for close-up sports photos.


The compact standard zoom lens is slim and versatile with the capability to take both wide angle and telephoto photographs. A Samsung telephoto zoom lens has faster shutter speeds and better control of focus. It features one eXtreme High Refractive (XHR) and four Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass elements for sharper photos and reduced chromatic aberration.

The focus, zoom and OIS controls are within a single function zone found on the side of lens for easier operation. It also has Samsung's Hyper Shield coating (SHS) to protect the lens from moisture, dust, smears and fingerprints and prevents the lens from fogging should the humidity conditions change.

The outer casing is splash resistant, but it is not water or dustproof. The adjustable focus limiter can reduce the focus distance to the minimum, bringing the subject into focus more quickly.


The standard Samsung zoom lens incorporates the Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) system that will automatically choose the shutter speed for the focal length, and Anti-Hand Blurring to reduce the effect of slight motion.

A Samsung telephoto zoom lens has 4-axis control and 6-axis sensor that will detect any camera shake, enabling the OIS system. Using a tripod or solid surface will stabilise the camera and prevent any camera shake.

Optical and digital zoom

The optical zoom on a Samsung zoom lens measures the increase in the focal length as it moves the lens further away from the image sensor inside the camera, leading to magnification of the subject matter. A Samsung zoom lens has a smooth operation so that the photographer can determine where to stop for partial zoom effects. Some digital cameras with zoom capability will stop at certain positions which will limit how much zoom you can use.

Compact, automated digital Samsung cameras will feature a built-in zoom lens within the body of the camera which magnifies the image, but it only increases the size of the image. A certain amount of quality will be lost in this process. To create a zoom effect under 50mm focal length, a wide-angle zoom lens can be used. It allows you to zoom in to a subject without having to be further away as the lens gets additional light from the sides of the lens.

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